Madhya Pradesh

“If You Can’t Think Good, At Least Do Not Think Bad” – Navratri Program in Ujjain

Ujjain ( Madhya Pradesh ): On the occasion of “Navratri” a spiritual gathering was held by the Brahma Kumaris of Ujjain. Speaking on the occasion BK Vanditha said that incidents of the past sit in our subconscious mind and keep reminding us of the past. Hence to make the present bright we must adapt newness… Read More »

“Art to Improve Concentration and Discipline”- Program for Scouts in Neemuch

Neemuch ( Madhya Pradesh ): 250 Scouts and Guides of Central School  in Neemuch assembled at Sadbhavana Auditorium, located on Gyan Marg to learn the Art to improve Concentration and Discipline. It was organised by Brahma Kumaris of Neemuch. “Very first lesson of student life is Discipline. For Scouts and Guides Dedication and Concentration are… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Rajgarh Honour Senior Citizens on “International Day for Older Persons”

Rajgarh ( Madhya Pradesh ): On the “International Day for Older Persons,”  the Brahma Kumaris of Rajgarh went to an Old Age Home, Ashadham Vruddhashram, and honoured 23 senior citizens living there. BK Madhu, District in Charge in Rajgarh, said, “Old age people have an abundance of experiences. They are the symbol of past treasure… Read More »

“Happiness at Your Doorstep” Talk by BK Shivani in Neelbad

 Idgah Hills, Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Neelbad, Idgah Hills in Bhopal, arranged a program on “Happiness at Your Doorstep” in Minto Hall of their Centre Sukh Shanti Bhawan which was addressed by BK Shivani, international motivational orator. The program was attended by the dignitaries of the city, IAS, IPS, public… Read More »

Rajgarh Brahma Kumaris hold Rally for Cleanliness And Plastic Free India Campaign

Rajgarh  ( Madhya Pradesh ): The Rajgarh center of Brahma Kumaris, under the campaign ‘Cleanliness and Plastic Free India‘, being run by the organization from 23rd September  to 2nd October, 2019, took out a public awareness rally. Dadi Janki, Head of Brahma Kumaris, has been named as the brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission by… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Lashkar invited for Bhagavad Gita Recitation Festival

The Lashkar center of Brahma Kumaris in Madhya Pradesh were invited to take part in a festival of Bhagavad Gita recitation. BK Adarsh, Head of the Lashkar center, represented the organization at this function. She talked about the Supreme Soul and its message for this age. She also made the audience experience Rajayoga Meditation. More… Read More »

“Engineer’s Day” Celebration by Brahma Kumaris of Rajgarh

Rajgarh ( Madhya Pradesh ): An “Engineer’s Day” Celebration was arranged by the Brahma Kumaris of Rajgarh at their centre “Shiv Vardan Bhawan” for which the local engineering professionals were invited. BK Madhu, Brahma Kumaris Centre in Charge, welcomed all the Engineers and felicitated them by offering a coconut (Shriphal) and flowers. On this occasion… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address “World Suicide Prevention Day” Awareness Program

Gwalior ( Madhya Pradesh ): “World Suicide Prevention Day” was celebrated  at the Government Gajra Raja Kanya Higher Middle School in Gwalior. An Awareness Program was being arranged in which the Brahma Kumaris received a special invitation to enlighten people on this grave matter of suicide and the ways to prevent such incidents. On behalf… Read More »

“My India, Green India” Campaign – Plantation Programs in Chhatarpur

Chhatarpur ( Madhya Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Chhatarpur Centre arranged a plantation program for the public in which 1,100 saplings were planted all over the district in collaboration with the local Dainik Bhaskar organization. This program was a part of the “My India, Green India” campaign launched by the Brahma Kumaris. Badamalehra MLA… Read More »

Media Seminar for Journalists on the “Role of Media in Creating a Golden Society”

Ujjain ( Madhya Pradesh ): A Media Seminar for Journalists was organized by the Brahma Kumaris of Ujjain and Nagda, at their Shivdarshandham Centre, on the “Role of Media in Creating a Golden Society.” The seminar was addressed by Professor Kamal Dixit, Editor of Value-Based Media; BK Usha, BK Centres in Charge, Ujjain; Mr. Lalit… Read More »