SHINING LIGHT ON GOD : Upcoming Session on 29th April

   SHINING LIGHT ON GOD Do we need to believe in God? Can knowing God make our lives simpler? Can God get us out of the delusion that constant fulfillment of desires will make us happy? Wisdom and clarity brings inner strength, and then can we also help others. On April 29, 2021 06:30 PM… Read More »

Creating a Climate for Change: World Peace Meditation Program in Miami

Miami, Florida ( USA ):  “Creating a Climate for Change” was the theme for the third Sunday World Meditation program organized by Brahma Kumaris in Florida commemorating Earth Day. BK Meredith interviewed three environmental change-makers.  One thing they all shared was the need to change our individual and collective consciousness about the planet. Kate Fleming, Founder… Read More »

HAPPINESS IN FAMILY LIFE : A Happy Online Talk on April 22

True harmony and happiness in family life… where has it gone and how can it be created once again? Special guest speaker Annie Philips is a pediatrician, mother and long-time meditator with the Brahma Kumaris. HAPPINESS IN FAMILY LIFE : A Happy Online Talk April 22, 2021 06:30 pm EST To Register: Facebook Live:… Read More »

Values for Life Series on ‘Knowledge’ and upcoming session ‘Gratitude’ on 25th April

The “Values for Life” Series continues to happen once in every fortnight (every two weeks).  The upcoming session is Episode # 11 on “Gratitude” which will be held on Sunday, 25th April from 8 to 9:30 pm (IST, India time) with our very own BK Sister Shivani from India. 3:30 pm to 5 pm (BST,… Read More »

Weekend Ten-Session Rajayoga Meditation Course in English

Welcome to Brahma Kumaris Hudson Valley. BK Hudson Valley offers easy Raja Yoga meditation classes, lessons in applying spiritual knowledge in daily life, insight sessions and special programs.  All classes and programs are now being held online. Raja Yoga – in English – Weekends – starts Saturday, May 1, 10 am EST Sat May 1st… Read More »

World Peace Meditation – Women Showing the Way

Miami, Florida ( USA ): The Third Sunday in March recognized Women’s History Month and featured a conversation on “Women Showing the Way.“ BK Julia from the BKs at United Nations office in NY and Natalie Castellanos, Policy Director for Health Foundation of South FL , engaged in conversation about women’s empowerment which was facilitated by Kathy Shea. BK Julia shared… Read More »

Online talk on “The Science of Meditation and Healing” – April 4

Mind is a complex, ever-evolving entity that has intrigued humanity for centuries and has been the subject of scientific query for decades. Recently, there is an emerging experimental field of science called “Contemplative Neuroscience” in which effects of the mind on the brain and other parts of the body are studied. There is now a… Read More »

Being an Instrument of Peace and Happiness with Ayako Ichimaru on March 27

Being an Instrument of Peace and Happiness with Ayako Ichimaru Saturday, March 27th @ 1 pm Eastern Time USA Practice Information CLICK HERE   BK Ayako Ichimaru is a world-renowned classical violinist based in Hong Kong.  She experienced a spiritual awakening through Raja Yoga meditation that added a new dimension to her music. Already an internationally celebrated performer,… Read More »

Fly Kites for Peace from Your Backyard or Neighborhood Park – March 27 & 28

Cherry Blossom Kite Fly is March 27 and 28 In years past we have enjoyed flying our kites at the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival. We always bring lots of kites for visitors to decorate with peace messages as part or our initiative “Kites for Peace.” This year the Cherry Blossom Kite Fly is taking to… Read More »

Determination: Values for Life Episode on March 21

 Values for Life Episode 9 – Determination, with Sr. Shivani on Sunday 21st March Sunday 7.30 – 8.30 am PST (Pacific time) Connect Here Live translation in Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish EVENTS: BLOGS LEARN MEDITATION: CONTRIBUTE:

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