“The Science of Meditation” : Talk in Silicon Valley, USA

Milpitas ( USA ): BK Sister Usha, Senior Rajayoga Teacher from Headquarters of Brahma Kumaris visited Brahma Kumaris center in Silicon Valley Milpitas. On her visit a talk was held on the topic  “The Science of Meditation”. Over 200 BKs attended the event.  

‘Spiritual Insights for Uncertain Times’ : Public Program in Boston

Boston ( USA ): A public program with the theme – Spiritual Insights for Uncertain Times – Cultivating Clarity, Peace, and Stability was held at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Boston. 150 guests listened as BK Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris was interviewed by Investigative Journalist Roberta Baskin about how we can better understand… Read More »

Values Workshop Series on ‘Eagerness’ – Saturday, 3rd June 2023

Join us this Saturday for our fortnightly Experiential Values Workshops Series ( # 66 ) .   Value : Eagerness ( उत्सुकता ) Content of the Workshop : 1st Hour :   Reflective Exercises on ‘Eagerness.’  2nd Hour :  An insightful talk and meditation by BK Sr. Indu, Leicester, UK.    Date / Time : Saturday, 3rd June 2023 ( 2 Hrs Session )   7:30 PM ( India )  … Read More »

Moving from Ego to Inner Dignity : In Person / Online Talk on June 1

The ego often fluctuates between a feeling of superiority and inferiority, preventing us from discerning what is true and beneficial, and what is not. Let us explore how to experience our innate inner dignity and the sense of balance and clarity it brings. Talk: Moving from Ego to Inner Dignity June 01, 2023   Time: 6:30… Read More »

‘Nurturing the Inner Child’ Retreat and Memorial service for Sister Chandru

San Francisco ( U.S.A. ) :  A special memorial program was organized to honor the legacy of Sister Chandru’s dedication to world service, her love for God and the BK family, on the one-year anniversary of BK Sister Chandru. Many seniors joined in person and through zoom: BK Mohini, New York; BK Usha, Mt. Abu;… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Meet The Indian Ambassador To Venezuela

Venezuela ( South America ): BK Silvereen from Brahma Kumaris, Venezuela met with the Indian Ambassador to Venezuela Abhishek Singh who has great respect for Brahma Kumaris and listens to BK Sister Shivani’s lectures. During the meeting, he especially asked for a meditation experience and had few questions about how to meditate. Later, gifts were… Read More »

21 Postures of the Soul : The journey of the spirit from June 1st to June 21st

To celebrate the International Day of Yoga, we would like to invite you to consider the following activities that are being planned by the Brahma Kumaris UN Office. ONLINE:  21 POSTURES OF THE SOUL: This is a daily posting on Social Media Platforms featuring a short video clip linking the asanas of hatha yoga to the… Read More »

“Being One World Family” : Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations, New York

Being One World Family (VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM) : An event  hosted by the Brahma Kumaris Office for the United Nations ( UN ). New York ( USA ) : A conversation focused on the elevated intention of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (World is one Family) included two panelists: H.E. Mrs. Ruchira Kamboj, Permanent Representative of India to the… Read More »

BKs At Maya Bazaar Summer Festival, California

Milpitas ( USA ) : Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley actively participated in Maya Bazaar, the largest Indian summer festival. The event featured an Indian handicraft expo, music, cultural programs and attracted a large crowd. BKs extended their support to the Association of Indo-Americans (AIA) in organizing the event. At the festival, Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley… Read More »

Monthly Self-Development Series “Purposeful Living” on May 28

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley, Milpitas Presents Monthly Self-Development Series “Purposeful Living” May 28, 2023, On Sunday Timing: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (PDT) Please note: This Series is online only Please Register in advance for this series: Register by clicking on the REGISTER button at the top right corner here. Once you register, kindly look… Read More »

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