“Youth, Innovation, Fun” : Inviting Youth on August 6

New York ( USA ): Honoring the International Day of Youth, Brahma Kumaris ‘Breathe Peace this summer’ third episode celebrates Youth: “Youth, Innovation, Fun” on Friday, August 6 @ 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm EST “Youths are the present, the saviors of the future!!” Young minds are some of the most creative thinkers of today.… Read More »

“Discipline”: Values Workshop Series on 31st July and Silence Retreat on 1st August

Vancouver ( Canada ): Brahma Kumaris invites you to the following 2 spiritually uplifting programs, reflecting on Discipline. Join us and also invite your friends and relatives who may greatly benefit from the programs. Experiential Values Workshop Series on ‘Discipline’ We will have experiential exercises, followed by the insightful talk and meditation by BK Gopi from… Read More »

Message of Hope – BEAUTIFUL YOU !!!

Brahma Kumaris Message of Hope on Beautiful You!! Society encourages us to play many roles. As we watch TV, read a book, look at a film, we find ourselves being pulled into it.  Even an ordinary TV program becomes so real we forget it is fiction for our entertainment.  We start talking to the characters on the… Read More »

Empowering the Self through Positive Thinking at Seagate Chiropractic

Tampa, Florida ( USA ): BK Karen was invited to give a talk on ‘Empowering the Self through Positive Thinking’ to patients at Seagate Chiropractic in Tampa as a part of their series on Health and Wellness. The director of the clinic invited her back to give another presentation to a large group in October.

Reviving the Higher Self from July 26th to August 1st

Brahma Kumaris USA is organizing “Reviving the Higher Self” from July 26th to  August 1st. Gift yourself an immersive retreat at home.  Discover your higher consciousness and explore. Experience the wisdom that can heal the subconscious mind and revive the higher self. Morning session (Mon – Sun): 10 am – 12 pm (EST) Evening session… Read More »

“Quantum Healing: The Heart in Wellbeing” Online session with World Peace Meditation

Miami, Florida ( USA ): The Brahma Kumaris Miami center organized an online conversation on “Quantum Healing: The Heart in Wellbeing.” This session was held in conjunction with World Peace Meditation on the third Sunday of the month.  Dr. Shvetank and Dr. Kanishtha Agarwal presented an introduction to “quantum consciousness” and the implications for healing.… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris to Address 67th Interfaith Prayer for the Nation and the World

World Interfaith Prayer Meet on 15 July, 2021, Time 10:15 pm IST  (India time). Exclusive Event, Listen to Rev. International Faith leaders including BK Dr. Binny from Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu Face Book Link:

THINK RIGHT “Every cell in our body gets affected by our Thoughts”

In the list of precautions from the Corona Pandemic, THINK RIGHT must be given top priority. Now with the virus Delta lurking around the corner, Thinking Right is very important because if fear, anxiety, or nervousness prevail at home and in the workplace, anyone who enters such a domain will get influenced by those vibrations.… Read More »

“Embracing Change”: Caterpillar Turning into Beautiful Butterfly

Every day and in every way we are getting better and better … I am definitely learning to embrace change;  this caterpillar is turning into a beautiful butterfly, like all of you! Embracing Change Illustration: Brahma Kumaris The one thing that is constant is change.  Change is like a river, ever flowing and moving things… Read More »

Free Raja Yoga Meditation Course : Brahma Kumaris Online Learning Platform

This is a free online Raja Yoga meditation course. You can learn it in the comfort of your home, when it suits you. Regain new control of your mind! Enjoy! Through this Learning Platform, online courses are run and delivered by some of the most experienced Meditation Teachers in the world, such as BK Sister… Read More »

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