Powerful Positive Words Energize and Heal

‘Powerful Positive Words Energize and Heal’ – Practice: Daily select and speak a positive pure thought and visualize being this thought. Whether it is your inner conversation or a conversation with someone about your health, relationships, career, finances, whatever you talk about, use the highest vocabulary you are aware of. Speak about what you would… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations address Commission on Social Development Conference

New York ( USA ): BK Sabita Geer, Representative of the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations read out the oral statement during the Commission on Social Development Conference held at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York. ”The right to dignity of work is one of the most fundamental expressions of human worth.”

Let Your Love Light Shine

Let Your Love Light Shine – “When the power of love overcomes the love of power; the world will know peace.”-Jimmy Hendrix. Seeing how much the world has changed in the past 100 years, feelings of helplessness and anxiety are rising. Worldwide, souls are experiencing sorrow and peacelessness . People need to know how to… Read More »

Texas Brahma Kumaris meet Consulate General of India for South Central USA

Houston, Texas ( USA ):  BK Mark, Senior Rajayogi from Houston, Texas met with the Consulate General of India for Southcentral USA, Mr. Aseem Mahajan, for the celebration of India’s Republic Day.

‘The Spiritual Significance of Mahashivratri’ : Online session on Feb 26

We extend our Warm Invitation this Sunday for the ‘Values for Life’ Series – Special celebration of Mahashivratri: 💎Topic : ‘The Spiritual Significance of Mahashivratri’ 🎤Speaker : BK Santosh, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Saint Petersburg, Russia ( Joint Regional Coordinator, Russia, CIS & Baltic countries region ) 🗓 Date/Time :  Sunday, 26th February (1 hour session) Kindly… Read More »

Meditation Sessions Return to Hollywood Library

Florida ( USA ): Ecstatic to welcome 20 people to meditate at the Hollywood Library after a hiatus of almost three years during the covid outbreak. One participant said, Being in the company of BK Ganga, BK Meredith, BK Shiela, BK Catherine, and BK Etta was like being with heavenly soldiers. Another participant commented it… Read More »

‘TRUE LOVE’ Experience loving yourself as you spend so much time with yourself !

Love has a connection with the heart. When we speak about love, we always put our hand on the heart, not on the head. This reminds us to love ourselves from the heart before acting and then perform good actions with my hands. The way to find true love is to extend love first to… Read More »

“Truthfulness” : ‘Values for Life’ Series Online session on Feb 18

Greetings of Peace to all. We extend our warm invitation for Episode # 59 of our fortnightly‘Values for Life’ Series, for a spiritual reflection on “Truthfulness” this Saturday. Value :  Truthfulness ( सच्चाई, सफाई ) Speakers : BK Sushma Didi, Jaipur Museum Subzone Incharge of Brahma Kumaris, India, and  BK Sr. Chandrakala, Director of Rajyoga Retreat Centre, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, India             … Read More »

Love for God means to have Love for All

God is the Highest spiritual energy in the Universe. If the Supreme Being did not exist, we would keep falling down in qualities and powers. Our attention is drawn to God when we want solace, real peace, power and true love.  In the current earthquake disaster in Turkey/Syria, thousands of people were devastated by death and destruction, calling out to Allah to save their loved ones.… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Tampa Meet Local Government Officials

Tampa, Florida ( USA ):  BK Shireen, Co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris center in Tampa, and BK Tara met with Maribel Garrett, the Community Engagement Coordinator for the City of Tampa, and Sherisha Hills, the Director of the Parks & Recreation Department for the City of Tampa. A five-year anniversary celebration took place at the… Read More »

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