South America

Brahma Kumaris Conduct Rajayoga at Engineers College in Peru

San-MartinTarapoto, Peru ( South America ): BK Nicola from Brahma Kumaris Perú  gave a talk and conducted rajayoga meditation to give the experience and the awareness of the soul and the Supreme soul for the College Graduates of Administration. The Director of the Tarapoto’s Engineers College( Peruvian jungle) was also present on this occasion.

Meditation Workshop at Pueblo Nuevo Health Center in Peru

 Chincha, Peru ( South America ): BK Nicola from Brahma Kumaris Perú, conducted a meditation workshop at Pueblo Nuevo health center in the town of Chincha. Nurses, communicator agents, psychologists and health center’s employees participated in the event.

Brahma Kumaris Meet The Indian Ambassador To Venezuela

Venezuela ( South America ): BK Silvereen from Brahma Kumaris, Venezuela met with the Indian Ambassador to Venezuela Abhishek Singh who has great respect for Brahma Kumaris and listens to BK Sister Shivani’s lectures. During the meeting, he especially asked for a meditation experience and had few questions about how to meditate. Later, gifts were… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris at the Mosque of the Islamic Association of Peru

Lima, Peru ( South America ): The Interreligious Council of Peru and BK Jean Carlo Cedeño, representing the Brahma Kumaris had a meeting in the Mosque of the Islamic Association of Peru, to share Iftar (breaking the fast) with the official Sheikh of the mosque, Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Hamed, the directors of the Association and… Read More »

Interreligious Youth Council Of Peru Visited BK Center

Lima, Peru ( South America ): The Interreligious Youth Council of Peru, gathered in the Brahma Kumaris center to organize their agenda and receive the presentation from the Brahma Kumaris. BK Nonie was present on this occasion.

Brahma Kumaris Peru and councilors of the government serve the poor

Lima-Peru ( South America ) : Brahma Kumaris team in Lima-Peru, together with councilors of the district government, served 50 families with messages of love, those affected by intense abnormal rains in the area and low-income residents. The people served were pleasantly surprised and asked for “prayers” for them.

Brahma Kumaris Join Interreligious Council Of Peru

Peru ( South America ): A meeting of the interreligious council of Peru was held with representatives of the ministry of justice and human rights and the former minister of justice in celebration of the new year of the Baha’i faith. BK Sister Nonie represented the Brahma Kumaris on this special occasion.

Brahma Kumaris Address World Hindi Day Celebrations in Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana ( South America ) : The High Commission of India and the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center in Georgetown, Guyana, organized a program on World Hindi Day, in which the Brahma Kumaris were invited. BK Kinnari addressing the gathering on the occasion said, “We’ve gathered today to honor Hindi, one of the world’s most… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Guyana participate in Strengths-Based Resilience Program

Guyana ( South America ): BK Sister Kinnari from Brahma Kumaris Guyana participated in the Strengths-Based Resilience Program accredited by the University of Melbourne, Australia and Gender Equality and Inclusion and Monitoring and Evaluation Training. It was a 3 days training at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre conducted by IDRF Guyana and funded by the… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Greet Minister of Legal Affairs of Guyana on Diwali

Guyana ( South America ): BK Kinnari and BK Bitiyo from Brahma Kumaris had a meet-and-greet with Mohabir Anil Nandlall, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs of Guyana, on the occasion on Diwali. BK Kinnari shared the spiritual significance of Diwali, saying that we need to ignite the inner light of peace, love, and… Read More »

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