“How to keep peace and joy in different life situations” : Event at Boiling Point-Tyumen

BK Sudha, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Moscow Visits Tyumen, Siberia Tyumen ( Syberia, Russia ): The city of Tyumen was founded in the year of 1586 and is considered to be the oldest city of the Siberian Craton. The city with near to a million population is also one of the clean Regions of Russia.… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Moscow Welcome SAT Wing Members

Moscow ( Russia ) : The senior members of the Shipping, Aviation and Tourism(SAT) Wing of Brahma Kumaris headed by the National Co-ordinator, BK Kamlesh, were heartily welcomed by the BK Russian family, Moscow. The program was held at Mayak Mira, Brahma Kumaris Center in Moscow. The Russian family welcomed the guests with warmth and… Read More »

“Meditation for purifying the mind”: Brahma Kumaris Address Yoga Day Events in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): In 2023, the 9th International Day of Yoga had been widely celebrated all over the world. The interest in yoga is growing everywhere, and yoga is becoming more and more popular with people of all ages. Yoga has already won the hearts of many far beyond India and has become their way… Read More »

The Culture of Humility – A Golden Mantra for the Golden Future of Russia and the World

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): A new value based project “The Culture of Humility – A Golden Mantra for the Golden Future of Russia and the World” was launched in St. Petersburg. The Project is dedicated to 320th anniversary of St. Petersburg and 33rd anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in the city. It aims… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Meet Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation

Moscow ( Russia ) : Senior members of the Administrative Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF), Brahma Kumaris, India visited Mayak Mira Retreat Centre, Moscow. The aim and object, the structure and functioning of the Wing was shared with the Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation, Pavan Kapoor by BK Sudha, Director… Read More »

Earth Day and Cosmonautics Day event in St. Petersburg

A Flight to Open Space and Beyond: staying free from turbulence during turbulent times Public event dedicated to Earth Day and Cosmonautics Day (International Day of Human Space Flight) St. Petersburg ( Russia ): The month of April brings about two special days that seem to be polar opposites. On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day that… Read More »

‘God Exists!?’ – Public Event in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): A public event on the theme God Exists!? was organized at Brahma Kumaris Mayak Mira, Moscow. Tagore’s parable was shown, how a man was looking for God, and when he found the House where He lives, he was afraid that his adventures would end and ran away in the other direction to… Read More »

God Shiva’s Birthday Celebrated in Russia, CIS and Baltic States

Russia, CIS and Baltic States : Shiv Jayanti – the most beautiful festival for the students of Brahma Kumaris was celebrated with a lot of love, happiness and splendor in Moscow, many cities of Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union and Mongolia.

Brahma Kumaris Moscow Address 'The Festival of Indian Culture'

Brahma Kumaris Moscow Address ‘The Festival of Indian Culture’

Moscow ( Russia ): The Festival of Indian Culture was jointly organized by Committee Culture and Tourism, Ramenski Municipal District, Moscow Region, Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre (JNCC) of the Embassy of India, Moscow Brahma Kumaris (Moscow) and Indian National Cultural Centre “SITA” (Moscow). Aim of organizing such an event was to give a glimpse of the… Read More »

The Power of Three Dots: A special event on Remembrance Day of Brahma Baba

The Power of Three Dots: A special public event dedicated to Smriti Diwas (18th January -Remembrance Day of Brahma Baba) and spiritual retreat for BK sisters and brothers of Belarus in Lighthouse St. Petersburg, Russia : Reminding of Brahma Baba’s complete renunciation, intense tapasya, and unlimited service, the month of January inspires us to contemplate,… Read More »

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