Online Asian Chinese BK Retreat – Being with the One

Malaysia : A Chinese BK Retreat was hosted by the Asia Retreat Centre, Malaysia, with more than 130 participants from 6 countries – China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Indonesia. This was a loving and powerful gathering where new and old BKs met for the first time. Highlights of the retreat were inspirational sharing… Read More »

A program on “SOOTHING THE MIND” by Brahma Kumaris Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle ( Sri Lanka ): A program on “SOOTHING THE MIND” for 28 souls was organized at Galle BK Centre. The program included Introduction of BKs, about mind,  1st, 2nd & 3rd lessons of Raja Yoga, Group activities, Toli & Blessing distribution. Galle BK Centre met and tied rakhi to Nagoda pradesha Sabha  Ministers Hon… Read More »

Raja Yoga Center of Dubai Honored with Bharat Gaurav Award 2021

Dubai ( UAE ) : Sister Jyoti, Director of Raja Yoga Centre in UAE, Oman & Qatar, has been awarded with the most prestigous Bharat Gaurav Award.  The Award function was held at one of the most prestigious locations, Atlantis the Palm Island, Dubai, in which eminent and iconic personalities from abroad and the country… Read More »

A Talk, Meditation Experience for School Students in Puttalam, Sri Lanka

Puttalam ( Sri Lanka ): A Talk, Meditation Experience, and blessing distribution Program was organized at Hindu Central College (a National school) in Puttalam. The event was attended by 70 students. The Importance of mental health for a Happy Life was the theme of this program.  

Effect of Rajayoga of Brahma Kumaris for Increasing Happiness – Case Study in Thailand

Bangkok ( Thailand ): A group of PhD students of Yoga-Samskrutham University, Florida, visited the Brahma Kumaris Sukhumvit center in Bangkok 🇹🇭 Thailand. They have taken the spiritual knowledge from Brahma Kumaris and did research on the effect of Raja Yoga. BK Amarjit Kaur Doowa, PhD Scholar, Department of Ayur-Yoga Yoga-Samskrutham University, Florida, USA, did… Read More »

Birgunj Brahma Kumaris Inaugurate Sukh Shanti Bhawan with Cultural and Spiritual Program

Birgunj (Nepal): The Naga Road, Raxaul branch of Brahma Kumaris in Birgunj, inaugurated ‘Sukh Shanti Bhawan’ with a cultural program and spiritual discourse.  Rajyogini BK Raj, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Nepal, along with Bharat Prasad Gupta, Senior Social Worker of the area, presided over this function. Tarun Kumar, Head of Indian Consulate General in… Read More »

Program on ‘ATTITUDE’ conducted by Light House, Batticaloa

Batticaloa ( Sri Lanka ): A program on “Attitude” was conducted by Brahma Kumaris “Light House,” Batticaloa, at the National Youth Corps, Valaichenai, Batticaloa. 116 people benefited from this program. The training program for the above was entirely designed by the Government. In this scheduled program, BKs were given half a day to conduct a… Read More »

“Need of Meditation for the present time“ : Event at MOH office, Sri Lanka

Kaluvanchikudy, Batticaloa ( Sri Lanka ) : A Programme on the “Need of Meditation for the present time“ took place at MOH office (Medical Officer of Health), in Kaluvanchikudy, Batticaloa, with more than 40 participants, including Doctors, nurses, PHI officers (Public Health Inspector), and other staff.  The event concluded with a guided Meditation experience with… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Sri Lanka Meet State Minister, Members of Parliament visit BK Center at Matale

Sri Lanka : BK Sister Ambiga met Honorable Jeevan Thondaman, State Minister of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure and tied him sacred Rakhi. Hon. Nalaka Bandara Kottegoda, Member of Parliament and the DCB chairman of Matale District visited Brahma Kumaris Centre at Matale and got Rakhi tied. Hon. Rohana Dissanayaka, Former Deputy minister and present… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Meet Ambassador of India to China, Diwali Programs by Consulate General of India in Shanghai & Guangzhou

Shanghai ( China ): A Gala event was organized by the Consulate General of India in Shanghai on the occasion of Diwali to present Indian culture, in which Brahma Kumaris Inner Space Shanghai was given 2 stalls to present and introduce Indian Spirituality and Ancient Rajayoga of Bharat. BK Stalls included: Exhibition explaining the practical application… Read More »

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