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‘Think Less, Be More’ : Online Event on July 28

Think Less, Be More We think, think and think. We think fast, think deep, think slow… Imagining everything that could possibly go wrong, overthinking decisions and problems, replaying memories and conversations…. But thinking too much is exhausting! It consumes our time and energy, and creates nothing, except maybe self-doubt, confusion and anxiety. Think less and… Read More »

Grand Re-opening of the Brahma Kumaris’ Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire ( UK ): The Global Retreat Centre In Nuneham Courtenay, Oxfordshire, opened its doors to the public again on Sunday 23rd July after five years’ closure for essential renovation. Over 1,750 people attended the Grand Opening event Feeling Peace – The Meditation Experience. Uplifting and vibrant, the event was a rich mix of stage… Read More »

‘How to make peace and make the most of your regrets’ : Online event on July 21

Making the Most of Your Regrets “If only…” Do you wish you had done things differently? What do you regret more, things you did or things you didn’t do? Regret doesn’t get you anywhere, nor does it change anything, it just keeps you stuck. But as it’s impossible to avoid regret, rather than ignoring or… Read More »

BK Philippines Hosts “Soul-utions to Plastic Pollution” Program

Tagaytay ( Philippines ):The Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Learning Tagytay organised a program “Soul-utions to Plastic Pollution” in which BK Sister Manda, Co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Center in Oxford, Britain, spoke to an audience of over 60. Participants came from different local organizations like Tagaytay police officials, youth leaders, representatives of… Read More »

Keep Reminding Yourself !

Keep Reminding Yourself : Think in a new way and you will be a new person If you know a little of yourself, you will have realized you are more than meets your eyes in the mirror in the morning. In quiet and profound moments, we innately know that is true. The world wants us… Read More »

DEDICATION ( निष्ठां ) : ‘Values for Life’ Series Episode on July 22

Join us this Saturday for the fortnightly ‘Values for Life’ Series – Episode # 70 : Value: DEDICATION ( निष्ठां ) Speaker: Rajayogini BK Asha, Director, Om Shanti Retreat Center, Gurugram, India. Date: Saturday, 22nd July 2023 Time: ( 1.5 Hours session ) 8:00 PM ( India ) 3:30 PM ( UK ) 4:30 PM… Read More »

Public Talk on Understanding the Depths of Karma in Florida

Orlando, Florida ( USA ): Rajyogini BK Usha, Senior Rajayoga teacher, Motivational Speaker and author of Self Management Leadership visited the Brahma Kumaris center in Orlando, Florida. A public talk was held on the theme “Understanding the depths of Karma” with BK Usha at Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Orlando.

Is Luck an Art? Online Thursday talk on July 20

As frail humans living on an unpredictable planet, every religion and culture has sought to answer the question: “Are we born lucky?  Do good and bad omens exist?  Is luck a chance roll of the dice?  Or do we create our own luck?” Some say luck comes disguised as hard work, some say it’s all… Read More »

Live Interviews on the national TV and Lectures for Professionals and Public in Mauritius

Mauritius ( Africa ): A radiance of pure celestial light was showered over the island of Mauritius when BK Charlie, National Co-ordinator of Australia was warmly welcomed by BK Sister Geeta and BK Sister Gaitree. The BK family and public benefitted from his classes and programess held at the main centres of the island namely:… Read More »

Charity Begins at Home : Online Talk on July 18

Charity begins at home can mean taking care of one’s family before helping others. It can also denote self-care. Everything that we do for others has a greater impact when we first do it for ourselves. This is why self-love, self-esteem, self-trust and self-transformation are key to our well-being that we can then carry forward… Read More »

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