“Media Sangamam Program” Inaugurated by Member of Parliament in Palakkad

A state-level meeting to discuss a new regional Malayalam channel, Rajayoga TV, for Godly services in Kerala was held at Shivajyothibhavan in Palakkad. All main BKs and media-related BKs from all over Kerala’s 14 districts attended the meeting. About 150 participants actively contributed their ideas and support for this channel. A media meeting was inaugurated… Read More »

“Brahma Kumaris are doing good work” – Praises New Governor of Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram ( Kerala ): Brahma Kumari Sisters from Thiruvananthapuram honoured new Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammad Khan in Raj Bhavan. The Honorable Governor appreciated the Brahma Kumaris for doing good work and inspired to keep doing the good work. “Brahma Kumaris are not living for themselves but are dedicated for the sake of others,” he… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Tying Rakhi to the Governor of Kerala

Trivendrum ( Kerala ): The Brahma Kumaris celebrated Raksha Bandhan with the Governor of Kerala by tying rakhi to His Excellency Justice Palanisamy Sathasivam by BK Mini, Senior Rajayoga Teacher in Trivendrum. The Governor was given a tilak, Godly gifts were presented to him, and Rakhi greetings were shared by BK Mini.

National Annual Meeting of ​R​ural ​and ​Agriculture Wing(RERF) at Trivendrum, Kerala

Brother Teeka Raam Meena, IAS, Principal Secretary of Agriculture Development, Government of Kerala inaugurated the National Annual meeting of Rural and Agriculture Wing (Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation) at Trivendrum. BK Raju Bhaiji, Vice-Chairperson, Rural and Agriculture Wing, Madhuban, BK Sarala Behn, Chairperson, Rural and Agriculture Wing, Mehsana, Gujarat, BK Beena Benj, Chennai co-ordinated the… Read More »