Spiritual Get Together On World Peace Day By Brahma Kumaris Birgunj

Birgunj( Nepal): On 52nd Remembrance Day of Prajapita Brahma,  the Founder Father of Brahma Kumaris,  a Spiritual get together was held at Birgunj centre. This day is observed as World Peace Day by Brahma Kumaris all over the world.  Aasman Tamad, Newly appointed District Administrator,  along with officers of commerce, health and security in the… Read More »

Mayor of Birgunj Praises Brahma Kumaris In The New Year Program

Birgunj( Nepal): The Brahma Kumaris of Birgunj, started the New Year as well as the month of January,  called the Month of Penance by Brahma Kumaris,  because of the Remembrance Day of Brahma Baba, their Founder Father, with a spiritual get together and intense Rajayoga Meditation sessions.  BK Ravina, Incharge of Brahma Kumaris in Birgunj… Read More »

Parliamentarian from Province 2 of Nepal Praises Brahma Kumaris Birgunj

Birgunj ( Nepal): The Brahma Kumaris of Birgunj held a solidarity meeting and Foundation Stone laying ceremony of a compound wall at Piluwa Peace Park. The Piluwa Peace Park and Spiritual Training Center are under construction.  This program was held under the supervision of BK Ravina, Incharge of Brahma Kumaris in Birgunj. Jwala Kumari Shah,… Read More »

Deepavali and Bhai Dooj Celebration by Brahma Kumaris Birgunj

Birgunj (Nepal): The Brahma Kumaris of Birgunj celebrated its second most popular religious festival of Deepavali, along with Bhai Dooj (Brothers festival).  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the program was organized keeping in view all the safety guidelines by the Government.  BK Ravina, along with all the other Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, celebrated the festival… Read More »

Brahma Kumairs, Birgunj Celebrate Vijaya Dashami Festival

Birgunj ( Nepal ): Brahma Kumaris Birgunj conveyed hearty best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya dashami, the greatest national festival of Nepal. Due to the big pandemic situation,as per the local administration’s instruction  vijayadashami was celebrated with meditation, tilak amongst residents of the BK Center.

Yoga Training Program by Birgunj Brahma Kumaris

Birgunj ( Nepal): The Brahma Kumaris service center in Birgunj, Nepal, held a three-day intense yoga training program for the dedicated Brahma Kumaris sisters of the area. Held at the Vishwa Darshan Bhawan in Birgunj, this program followed all social distancing norms due to the coronavirus pandemic. The main aim of this Intense Yogic concentration… Read More »

International E-Conference “Mind, Body, Medicine” September 12-13

Nepal : Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumaris Nepal are organizing 2 days International E- Conference “Mind Body Medicine” on 12 and 13 September 2020.  This is two days live online event that will be on the following schedule:  12th September: Saturday 1st Inaugural Session (9:15am – 12:15pm) IST              … Read More »

Nepal Brahma Kumaris Observe Mateshwari Jagadamba’s Remembrance Day

Hetauda ( Nepal ) : The Hetauda Brahma Kumaris in the Makwanpur district of Bagmati Pradesh in Central Nepal observed the 55th Remembrance Day of Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati.  She was the First Chief Administrator of the Brahma Kumaris. Social distancing norms were strictly followed during this program. BK Revati, Coordinator of this program, apprised the… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Birgunj Plant Trees on World Environment Day

Birgunj ( Nepal ): On the occasion of 5th June, World Environment Day, the Brahma Kumaris of Birgunj organized a Plantation Program under the leadership of Rajyogini BK Ravina, Sub Zonal Director of Birgunj. Saplings were planted to celebrate World Environment Day and create awareness among people to protect nature and the environment.

Brahma Kumaris Participate in Birgunj Marathon – 2076

Birgunj ( Nepal ): Under the aegis of the Nepali Army, the 2076 Birgunj Marathon was held. The Brahma Kumaris Organization was also invited to take part in it. At this occasion, many social and cultural programs were held. This event was attended by thousands of people, including Mohammad Lalbabu Raut, Honorable Chief Minister of… Read More »