“Finding Ways to Strengthen Hope and Courage” : Interactive Section on 28th July

It can sometimes be difficult to hold on to hope.  Instead of feeling hopeful, we can find we have anxiety, fear and uncertainty about what tomorrow may bring. Yet hope can be the key to unlocking the motivation and enthusiasm needed to create our vision of how we want our future to be. It restores… Read More »

“Being the Change for Oneness” : Inspiring Half-Day Online Workshop on 24th July

“The human heart has a way of making itself heal again after it has been broken into a million pieces”      –     Robert James Waller What does it take to reach the beauty of being the change for Oneness… a journey of self-discovery that reunites? How can we be at one with self…… Read More »

Festival Vibe Meditation Morning: Central London Capital FM Studio celebrate freedom day

London ( UK ): Meditation Morning – Central London Capital FM Studio Celebrating the Lifting of Restriciton with Millions across U.K. BK Tom Burton joined the breakfast team, Roman, Sunny & Sian Live from Central London Capital FM Studios from 7am celebrating the lifting of restrictions with a festival vibe meditation morning on Capital FM 95.8… Read More »

Online Course : Learn Raja Yoga Meditation Event Starts from 20th July

Raja Yoga meditation is an open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere – whilst you commute or at your desk, as well as at home. Whether you want to learn how to relax, need to be more concentrated and creative, or are searching for personal enlightenment, this course can satisfy each of those… Read More »

A Meditation for World Peace – Online Meditation Every Third Sunday

Join us for 60 minutes to share thoughts of peace, love, kindness and care with our world. The hour will have guided meditations, gentle music and periods of silence and is suitable for new and experienced meditators. This is a UK-wide event which will be happening every third Sunday of each month 6:30 pm –… Read More »

Friday Talk 16th July on ‘Key To Optimism’ and Upcoming Events

Leicester ( UK ): Brahma Kumaris Friday Talk is on ‘Key To Optimism’ by Ruth Liddle on 16th July from 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm  (UK time). Key To Optimism by Ruth Liddle Friday 16th July 7 pm to 8 pm BST Click here to Watch on leicesterlive Click here to join via Zoom  … Read More »

Women and Spirituality : Every Tuesday of July 2021

July 2021, 10:30 am to 12:15 pm ( UK Time ) Tuesday, 06 July : “Do you See the Point” with Aruna Ladva Tuesday, 13 July : “ Destiny… Chance or Choice?” with Sister Shivani Tuesday, 20 July : “Where do Dinosaurs come from and Why did they exist?” with Sister Denise Lawrence  Tuesday, 27… Read More »

“A Game of Consequences” : Live Event On July 4th

London ( UK ) : Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path  – BK Shivani  ‘A Game of Consequences’ on Sunday 4 July, 2021, 3:00pm – 4:30pm BST When we have a clean heart and understand how the law of ‘action’ truly works, we have the best chance… Read More »

“Restore our Earth” : London Climate Action Week Event on June 27

London ( UK ): The conversations around restoring our earth are at top of the list for many people. There is a huge amount we could all do, not just in action but through our thoughts and our words too. It’s not just about supporting a movement, but about realising that each of us holds… Read More »

“Raja Yoga for the Mind”: Collective Meditation Program on 21st June

“Raja Yoga for the Mind”:  Meditations with BK Sister Jayanti on International Day of Yoga 2021 Yoga has now become a part of everyday language, globally. It is no longer ‘alternative’ but a truly positive, impactful and much needed part of peoples lifestyle. Spirituality is at the core of yoga, it goes to the very… Read More »

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