Costa Rica

“How to get Good Rest?”: Interview for University of Costa Rica Radio Station

Costa Rica :  BK Dr. Amar from Miami was the invited speaker for an interview facilitated by BK Costa Rica Coordinator Marianne Lizana on “How to have proper rest?” BK Amar who is a medical professional shared the role of hormones in the cycle of sleep and how hormones become unbalanced due to stress, worries, extra use of electronic… Read More »

“How to be Free from Conflicts”- Public Talks by Brahma Kumaris, Costa Rica

“To enter conflict is a sign of lack of power and strength” :  Marcelo Bulk Costa Rica ( Central America ): BK Marcelo Bulk, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Colombia, visited Costa Rica to close the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in the country. BK Marcelo gave talks, workshops, and… Read More »

Celebration of 30 Years of Service and Launching of “Pause for Peace” Campaign in Costa Rica

Costa Rica ( America ): The “Pause for Peace” campaign was inaugurated as a public program in which Guillermo García, Director of the Guild School of the National Association of Educators; Lorna Chacón, Director of the National Radio and Television System; and Cathy Prado, Director of the Radios of the University of Costa Rica, spoke… Read More »

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