“God’s Wonders” : Consul General of India in Perth Appreciate BKs on their 20th Anniversary

Padbury ( Australia ): God’s Wonders, is a delightful celebration of the 20th Anniversary of BK service which radiated from the Brahma Kumaris location Lighthouse, Padbury, Perth, Western Australia. The celebration was a means to reveal God and also to inspire householders on how a family can create elevated fortune together. Everyone had the great… Read More »

‘Open your eyes to the Youniverse: Unlock Your Inner Power’, Join online on 27 May

Dear Friends, This month on Youniverse, join Maria Lourdes Aseneta, a Gallup Strengths Coach, to discover and unlock your inner powers. Strengths are not just what’s good about you. Your strengths are actually the best of you! Find out more, see you on  Open your eyes to the Youniverse,  Saturday 27 May 2023 at 6:00pm –… Read More »

Positive Thinking Course on May 3rd, 2023

You are the creator of your thoughts! By becoming aware of the way we think, we can gain control and choose how and what we want to think. A positive thought should bring benefit to myself and others, as thoughts become our words and actions. Registration: Not Required Event Link (active at time of event): Speaker:… Read More »

‘Cancer, Balance & Wellbeing ‘ retreat at Yarra Valley Living Centre

Australia:  A very successful ‘Cancer, Balance & Wellbeing ‘ retreat was held at Yarra Valley Living Centre of Brahma Kumaris (the former home of The Gawler Cancer Foundation). Cancer statistics from Australian Institute of Health & Welfare in Oct ’22 – ‘It is estimated that 162,000 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2022’. These… Read More »

‘Sharing Values For A Better World’ : Interfaith Program in Hovea

Hovea ( Western Australia ): The Interfaith Program 2022 with the theme on Sharing Values for a better world was jointly organised by the Brahma Kumaris Australia(BKA) Huntingdale and the Universal Great Brotherhood(UGB), Perth at the UGB’s Hovea Center. The Master of Ceremony was BK Manjeet Singh, a student of BKA Huntingdale.

Authenticity : Open your eyes to the Youniverse event on November 26

Authenticity is the quality of being genuine or real. Are you an authentic person? Is this an easy question to answer? Perhaps we all try to be ourselves, yet find ourselves putting on a persona to please others, fit in, or be liked. Join us for a real conversation about the journey to authenticity with Melinda Lewis and… Read More »

‘Yogic Farming’ : Open your eyes to the Youniverse! Conversation on October 22

Did you know that crops can grow healthily using the power of positive vibes from our own minds? Nurturing positive vibes also impacts your body, your health and your profession as well! Join us in a conversation with Dr. Tamasin Ramsay discussing her field work and research on sustainable yogic farming where farmers use the power of… Read More »

‘Shaping Peace Together’: Program for International Day of Peace in Australia

Huntingdale ( Australia ): The UN International Day of Peace that was held on 18 September 2022 in Darlington, Western Australia. The co-organiser was Brahma Kumaris Huntingdale/Glen Forrest, Western Australia.

Raksha Bandhan festivities in Melbourne and Sydney

Australia: Five days Raksha Bandhan festivities with Didi Nirmala, Regional Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Australasia were held at Peninsula Retreat Center in Baxter, Melbourne in which more than 380 people took benefit. Simultaneous sessions were held for children and adults in the Experience Room, maintaining the silence and serenity of the occasion. BK Pravina from… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address Nelson Mandela Conference at the Parliament House in Melbourne

The Nelson Mandela Youth Leadership Summit 2022 : Young People Creating the Positive Leadership the World Needs Melbourne ( Australia ):  The Nelson Mandela Youth Leadership Summit 2022 was held at the historic Legislative Assembly Chamber of the Victorian Parliament in Melbourne on 18 July (Nelson Mandela Day), bringing together a diverse youth population from… Read More »

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