Online Christmas Celebrations by Touch The Light Group in China

China : Touch the Light group, the youth wing of Brahma Kumaris China, organised an online Christmas celebration for children and parents. It was a unique celebration including value activities conducted by BK sisters, a Christmas story and a very special personal blessing for each participant at the end of the celebration from Santa …… Read More »

“Taking care of yourself” : Webinar for Doctors and Nurses in Changsha

Guangzhou ( China ): BK Sapna was invited by the Hospital of People’s Republic of China in Changsha (Capital of Hunan province of China) to conduct a webinar for Doctors and Nurses on the theme “Taking care of yourself.” There was a very good response from everyone, and as a feedback of the session they… Read More »

“World Peace Meditation” – Online Event by Brahma Kumaris, China

Shanghai ( China ): Brahma Kumaris Shanghai organised an online event on “World Peace Meditation” on Sunday, August 16th. BK Amirchand, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Punjab zone, gave his greetings and also inspirations to the participants for maintaining their inner peace and stability in order to serve the world through this peaceful energy. BK… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Participate in Republic Day Event in Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou ( China ): BK Sister Sapna and the Diamond Culture group of Brahma Kumaris Guangzhou were invited to be part of a Republic Day VIP reception organized by the Indian Consulate in Guangzhou. Mr. Qin Wei Zhong, Vice-Governor of Guangdong province, Head of the Foreign Affairs department in Guangdong, and Consulate generals of various countries… Read More »

“Meditation Skills” to Corporate Heads for a Peaceful Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong ( China ): The Brahma Kumaris Centre of Kowloon in Hong Kong participated in a Conflict Management workshop organized by “The Source,” an association of SME corporate heads in Hong Kong. The Brahma Kumaris were invited to this event to promote Meditation Skills, apt for this theme. BK Thirupathi Nachiappan, the Honorary… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Felicitated with Yoga Community Teachers Award in China

Shanghai ( China ):  On the occasion of the 5th UN International Yoga Day, a grand celebration was organized by the authorities in Shanghai. Consul General of India in Shanghai, President of the World Cultural Congress, President of the International Alliance of Yoga “One World- One sutra”, Consul General of Venezuela, Consul General of Costa… Read More »

RajaYoga Centre Ltd. in Hong Kong Represent as “Peace Messenger” at UNESCO-led “7th Peacemakers Cultural Celebration”

Hong Kong: Raja Yoga Centre Limited participated in the UNESCO-led “7th Peacemakers Cultural Celebration 2019”.  The event was held at the prestigious and vast Hong Kong Science Park. The overall program was earmarked with several cultural, fine arts, musical and spiritual activities, conducted by several invited groups and organizations. The Raja Yoga Centre Limited participated… Read More »

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