“World Mental Health Day” Program by Brahma Kumaris of Jhalawar

Jhalawar ( Rajasthan ): It was “World Mental Health Day” on 10/10 and the Brahma Kumaris of Jhalawar Centre arranged a public program to awaken and enlighten people about the causes of increasing mental tensions in the present society and its remedial measures. On this occasion Dr.  Gokul Nagar, Dental Surgeon; Dr. G P Sharma,… Read More »

Jhalawar District Administration Present Appreciation Letter to Brahma Kumaris

Jhalawar ( Rajasthan ): The Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of Jhalawar in Rajasthan presented the Brahma Kumaris a letter of appreciation for their services under the “My Rajasthan, Prosperous Rajasthan” campaign. In this letter he said that the causes taken up under this campaign are very relevant in improving the public facilities and infrastructure… Read More »

Barmer Brahma Kumaris Honored on International Day for Older Persons

Barmer ( Rajasthan ): The Nehru Youth Center in Barmer Rajasthan, on the occasion of the International Day for Older Persons, felicitated prominent personalities and organizations from the area. BK Babita, Head of the local Brahma Kumaris center, was also felicitated on behalf of the organization. She was felicitated by Dr. Aruna at this program.… Read More »

Grand Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Brahma Kumaris HQ

Abu Road ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Shantivan glittered with a thousand lights and the atmosphere was festive as more than 4,000 people from India and abroad gathered together for a special celebration to mark 50 years of service to humanity and the 70th Birthday of Senior Rajayogi BK Munni, Member of… Read More »

“Live Display of Nine Durgas” by Brahma Kumaris in Degana

Degana ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris on the festive occasion of Durga Navratri arranged a two-day program at the Seth Ganga Vishan Bankatlal Heda State Girls’ High School and Higher Middle School near the Municipality. The function was started by the lighting of lamps by Mr. Radha Kishan, Municipal Chairman; Mr. Ram Swarup Soni,… Read More »

“Bye Bye Diabetes” De-addiction Awareness Programs by Brahma Kumaris Bhinmal

Bhinmal ( Rajasthan ): The Campaign “My Rajasthan, Prosperous Rajasthan” which rallyed throughout the State of Rajasthan was cordially received by the local Brahma Kumaris members of Bhinmal at Magh Square with high spirits. At Kavi Magh Middle School the children learned about the Aim and Objective of this project. Then the members were divided… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Receive Voluntary Blood Donors Award by Govt. of Rajasthan

Abu Road ( Rajasthan ): All are aware that someone’s life can be saved by donating our blood in time. In this service to the needy, the Brahma Kumaris are always ahead and they have saved lives of people in lakhs (hundreds of thousands). So far, they have collected 1,048 units of blood from volunteers… Read More »

Tableaux Show on Navaratri Festival By Brahma Kumaris Malpura

Malpura ( Rajasthan ): The Malpura center of the Brahma Kumaris in Rajasthan organized a tableaux depicting the nine goddesses in their enlightened forms on the occasion of the Navaratri Festival. The inauguration of this function was done by the Head of the Municipality of the area Ms. Asha Nama. Head of the Lion’s Club… Read More »

Exhibition to Mark 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in Bhinmal

Bhinmal ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris Bhinmal in Rajasthan, on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, organized an exhibition called “Get To Know Gandhi”. It was inaugurated by SDM Mr. Daulatramji Chaudhary and Women and Child Development Officer Mr. Ghewar Rathore. SDM Mr. Daulatramji Chaudhary, while speaking on this occasion,… Read More »

Rajasthan Cabinet Minister of Energy and Public Health Appreciates Brahma Kumaris

Bikaner ( Rajasthan ):  The Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation of the Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu in Rajasthan, has launched the Campaign “My Rajasthan, Prosperous Rajasthan” from Jaipur to rally throughout the state. After touring many places, the campaign arrived in Bikaner and was welcomed in Makhan Bhog Utsav Kunj. From there the rally was… Read More »