Values for Life Series on ‘Knowledge’ and upcoming session ‘Gratitude’ on 25th April

The “Values for Life” Series continues to happen once in every fortnight (every two weeks).  The upcoming session is Episode # 11 on “Gratitude” which will be held on Sunday, 25th April from 8 to 9:30 pm (IST, India time) with our very own BK Sister Shivani from India. 3:30 pm to 5 pm (BST,… Read More »

Silence Retreat, Mini Workshop on Love and Episode on Benevolence this weekend

This weekend ‘Values for Life – Team’ is inviting you for the following 3 spiritually uplifting programs this weekend. Kindly note the upcoming Episode # 8 for the fortnightly ‘Values for Life’ series on Sunday morning, reflecting on ‘BENEVOLENCE’. On Saturday, is the Silence Retreat on ‘Experiencing God’s Love’ in the morning; followed by the February special Mini… Read More »

About ‘Values for Life’ series – Watch talk on “Love”

Vancouver ( Canada ):  ‘Values for Life’ Series is a fortnightly happening series of talks with spiritual reflections on Values that we use in our every day lives, towards a deeper understanding of these Values and their practical use.  These insightful reflection sessions are conducted on-line by invaluable Senior Raj Yogis of the Brahma Kumaris… Read More »

“Practising Compassion – Part 1” – Experiential Workshop on Feb 20

We invite you to the upcoming session on “Practicing Compassion,” part of our on-going VIHASA workshops : A Values-based self-empowerment Program, happening on alternate Saturdays. Every session carries a new set of experiential exercises and benefits individually. Registration is a requirement to attend these sessions. Upon registration you will receive the joining Zoom link. You will also… Read More »

“Love and Benevolence” – ‘Values for Life’ Series on 14 and 28 February

We heartily welcome you for the upcoming February Episodes of “Values for Life” Series. Join us for Episode 7(LOVE) on 14th February with BK Ken O’Donnell from Brazil, and for Episode 8(BENEVOLENCE) on 28th February with BK Charlie Hogg from Australia. Kindly note the information details and joining links below. “Values for Life” Series, Episode # 7 Topic:        … Read More »

Give the Gift of Peace with this Advent Calendar Meditation Series Dec 1-15

Greetings of Peace !!! This time of year is a time for love and peace. It is time to gift yourself, your family and the world with peace. Take 15 minutes every day from the comfort of your own home to give yourself the gift of peace, then carry it to your family and world.… Read More »

8 Postures of the Heart – The Greatest Love Story of All, Between the Soul and God

Montreal ( Canada ): Throughout time the most urgent search is the search of the soul for God. Join us for a 60-minute video presentation of this great love story—told by 8 Raj Yogi story tellers and 8 musicians. 8 Postures of the Heart are the stories of yogis sharing about the greatest love story… Read More »

“God, The One Source” Celebration of Shiv Jayanti in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver ( Canada ): The Vancouver BK family came together to celebrate Trimurti Shiv Jayanti at the Surrey BK place. The house was filled with brightness and colorful decorations with rows of flags and lights. Most importantly, the place was full of calm, happy and pure vibrations as everyone’s heart was filled with love and… Read More »

“The Heart of Compassion” – Public Event by Brahma Kumaris Toronto

Toronto ( Canada ):  A public program, ‘The Heart of Compassion,’ was organized by the Brahma Kumaris Toronto in which BK Eric from Montreal, National Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris, Canada, introduced the program with a meditation experience and a live commentary creating a powerful atmosphere. He also shared about his journey and guidance from… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Interviewed at Zee TV in Vancouver, Canada

Western Canada :  BK Shashi from Greenford, UK, during her visit to Western Canada, was the main speaker of the Calgary Public Program on the topic “Return to the Source of True Love“. In Vancouver, programs were organized at temples, an interview was arranged at Zee TV, and a  public program at Surrey. BK Shashi facilitated… Read More »

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