Live Interviews on the national TV and Lectures for Professionals and Public in Mauritius

Mauritius ( Africa ): A radiance of pure celestial light was showered over the island of Mauritius when BK Charlie, National Co-ordinator of Australia was warmly welcomed by BK Sister Geeta and BK Sister Gaitree. The BK family and public benefitted from his classes and programess held at the main centres of the island namely:… Read More »

“Arts and Meditation”: 5-Day Retreat in Mauritius

Mauritius ( Africa ): Sixty souls mobilized in Palmar, Mauritius for an “Arts and Meditation” festival. The “Diamond Retreat House” hosted a group of new world artists in a 5-day retreat dedicated to meditation practices and cultural expressions.  21 guests, contact souls came from Reunion Island, Rodrigues Island, Mauritius, and India respectively.  The organizing team, from Reunion… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address Yoga Day Events in South Africa

South Africa : Various programs were held in South Africa in honour of the International Yoga Day. A program on the theme To live with a Higher Consciousness was hosted by the Brahma Kumaris in Johannesburg at the center with special guest BK Sushma from Jaipur and supported by the Consulate General of India in… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Meet Indian High Commissioner and Dy. High Commissioner in Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya ( Africa ): The International BK Gujarati Retreat attracted 30 enthusiastic participants from India, Rwanda, Uganda, UK and Russia, to the Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. BK Sister Santosh from Russia was the resource person for this retreat. The title of the retreat was Become a Master Piece of God which… Read More »

Vice-President of Mauritius praised Brahma Kumaris for bringing unity in the community 

Africa Day Celebrations at the City Council of Port-Louis, Mauritius By Brahma Kumaris Africa Day, celebrated annually on May 25th, commemorates the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1963, which later became the African Union (AU). This day serves as an opportunity to honor African unity, diversity, and the progress made by… Read More »

Call of the Time Dialogue in South Africa and Public Programs in Durban and Johannesburg

Africa : Call of the Time Dialogue was hosted by the South African family for the Africa Region. A total of 46 leaders of influence gathered from 7 different countries at a historical hotel where the first conference of National Unity was held in South Africa in January 1994 during its transition from Apartheid. The… Read More »

‘Leadership with Wisdom’ and ‘Managing your emotions’ : Public Event in Nairobi

Nairobi (Kenya, Africa ) : BK Asha, Director of Om Shanti Retreat Center visited Nairobi (Kenya) where BK Classes, interviews with Newspaper, radio station and public talks were held on various topics including Leadership with Wisdom, Master your emotions, Emotional Intelligence, The Happiness Habit etc.

UN Climate Change Conference COP27 Officially Ends

Egypt ( Africa ):  An email from the UN office said that the negotiations have been extended. Everybody hopes that by Sunday latest, there will be a document agreed upon by all parties. That’s also one of the major flaws of the UN process; any binding document has to be approved by everybody. As per… Read More »

The interfaith Liaison Committee hosted a Talanoa dialogue at the beginning of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt, to bring together people fo faith to discuss key issues relating to climate justice, and then to pray together on November 6, 2022.

Faith-based Organisations: Speaking up for Humanity and the Earth

Egypt ( Africa ): The second week of the latest COP meeting and certainty is as elusive as ever. An air of mystery around the negotiations is amplified by some prevarication in public by officials, no doubt due in part to the pressure of discussions going right down to the wire. Then, the vocabulary is mind-bending,… Read More »

Press conference: Faith Leaders Announce Ten Universal Commandments for Climate Justice

Egypt ( Africa ): In a press conference organized by The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, members from diverse faiths presented the universal principles for climate justice. These 10 Commandments have been defined by the Elijah Interfaith Institute of Israel and try to bring benefit and sustainability to the forefront of the decision-making process. BK… Read More »

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