Family Retreat in Seminar Haus Moringen, Germany

Moringen ( Germany, Europe ): Seminar Haus Moringen, Germany witnessed a vibrant Family Retreat. The participation was focussed on couples and families with kids with at least one in the family being in Baba´s knowledge. In total there were 50 participants including 22 kids. The activities & environment were a perfect blend of spirituality and creativity. The day included Amritvela, Murli… Read More »

‘Secrets of the Bhagwad Gita’ Program in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria ( Europe ):  A public talk on the theme ‘Connect with your true Self‘ was held with BK Bharat Bhushan from Panipat, India in which about 100 people from the Austrian Hindi community joined to plant trees. A one day retreat was held at the BK center on the theme of following disciplines… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris celebrated IYD at the Museum of London Docklands

London ( UK ): Brahma Kumaris in the UK offered and contributed to many events to celebrate UN International Day of Yoga on 21st June. Wellbeing at the Docks – Museum of London Docklands  BK Students from Global Cooperation House in London teamed up with the Museum of London and Maison Mangrove to create a… Read More »

Serbia Brahma Kumaris Greet President, Central Minister, MP of India & Indian Ambassador

Belgrade, Serbia ( Europe ): BK Bharat Bhushan from the retreat center in Panipat, Haryana India was on a service trip to Belgrade, capital city of Serbia . BK Bharat Bushan and BK Michel, National Co-ordinator of Serbia met the Indian Ambassador in the Indian embassy for one hour. It was a cordial meeting. The… Read More »

32nd Anniversary of Brahma Kumaris in Brest, Belarus

“Facing the Negativity and Aggression through the practice of Rajyoga” Lecture in the Brest Regional Pediatric Hospital Brest, Belarus ( Europe ) : Brest is the first centre opened in Belarus in 1991. Respected Gulzar Dadi visited this II World War hit the city. Dadi Gulzar laid a strong foundation for spiritual growth in the… Read More »

Meeting of European Hindus and Christians : Brahma Kumaris Meet Holy Father Pope Francis

Rome ( Italy ): About sixty participants representing the Christian and Hindu religious traditions in Europe gathered in Rome for a meeting on the theme “Hindus and Christians in Europe: Building together a ‘fraternity-based new humanism’”. The meeting, which was the first of its kind, was organised by the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue in collaboration… Read More »

“Power of Unity” Retreat at Sangam Retreat Center, Ukraine

Ukraine: Services in Ukraine began in early 1990s. The first BK Centre was established in the city of Odessa followed by Kiev, the Capital of Ukraine. The BKs who emerged succeeded to purchase premises in Odessa and Uzhgorod. The courageous BKs could invest even to buy home for a Retreat Centre in Ukraine which was… Read More »

Sun Rise Meditation and Earth Day Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Worldwide

Copenhagen ( Denmark, Europe ): As part of Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, Earth Day was celebrated by sharing gratitude for mother earth. Experienced Rajyogis from Brahma Kumaris centers across the world joined together to share Peace, Love and Hope for all life forms.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with Sunrise Meditation PEACE@SUNRISE

Copenhagen ( Denmark ): As the sun rises worldwide, people of all faiths and of all backgrounds will awaken and arise in prayer or meditation with the dawn. We will be united in our homes and sacred places. At the Brahma Kumaris, we invite you to join our experienced Rajyogis in Sharing Peace, Love and… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address United Nations Ocean Conference

Lisbon ( Portugal ): ‘Technologies of Consciousness in Scaling Up Ocean Actions’, a Virtual side event was organised at 2022 UN Ocean Conference in  Lisbon. A panel in the conference offered an in-depth discussion on the role of human consciousness in degradation and rebuilding of the ocean life and in achieving sustainable development goals. The… Read More »

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