The Culture of Humility – A Golden Mantra for the Golden Future of Russia and the World

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): A new value based projectThe Culture of Humility – A Golden Mantra for the Golden Future of Russia and the Worldwas launched in St. Petersburg. The Project is dedicated to 320th anniversary of St. Petersburg and 33rd anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in the city. It aims at enriching the culture of life by inspiring people to adopt the virtue of humility for harmonious relationships, mutual understanding, conflict resolution and co-operation.

A grand opening at the Diamond Hall of Lighthouse was held with participation of 23 special servers, Brahma Kumaris senior faculty members, representatives of the BK Administrative Wing who are visiting Russia from Madhuban, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Lucknow and other parts of Bharat.

Opening the event, BK Vijay said, “A soul descends to this planet Earth with a mission of sharing its treasures of Purity, Peace, Love and Happiness. In today’s world we have lost those treasures and therefore we are facing problems. Now we have gathered here to rediscover our lost treasures and enjoy fruition.”

BK Harish, Head quarters co-co-ordinator of the Administrative Wing, Madhuban, greeted the audience by saying, “I wish to express my multi-million fold congratulations to Santosh Didi and the BK team in the city on the occasion of the Centre’s birthday. The service of the Brahma Kumaris has brought about positive changes in the lives of thousands of people in Russia. Today I am remembering Dadi Prakashmani, Former chief of Brahma Kumaris. Her special slogan was, Be an instrument, be humble and creative”. She was the chief administrator of this organization having its branches in 137 countries of the world, with hundreds of thousands students, yet I never saw arrogance, conceit or ego in her life. It is due to her virtue of humility that such great service has been taking place.”

Rev. Buda Badmayev, chief priest of the Buddhist temple of St. Petersburg, underlined that we, living human souls, unlike non-living objects, possess the ability to be aware of the self and others. Since we are bestowed with a gift of consciousness, awareness, we should develop love and mercy for everyone. And the virtue of humility is the very first requirement for that. “On behalf of the Buddhists of Russia, I wish the new project of the Brahma Kumaris to be successful. If everyone of us imbibes spiritual values and shares them with others, our world will become richer and more beautiful.”

BK Radha Didi, Zonal co-ordinator of the Administrative Wing, said, “A spiritual virtue of humility can be compared with physical bodily flexibility. A person with a flexible body is considered to be fit, in a good shape. Likewise, a person possessing humility enjoys flexibility of mind, which enables them to understand, accept and adjust. In this way, we can bring a lot of benefit to our world.”

Mr Anatoly Konstantinov, Chairman of The Culture Union of Russia, said, “When I received an invitation for the event, I noticed that Didi Santosh had signed it as “sisterly yours”. I could not say “no” to my sister! And I would call all of you my brothers and sisters as well. This wonderful Centre was founded in St. Petersburg 33 years ago. It has brought a mine of wisdom from Bharat to this country, and it has continually generated enlightening and inspiring projects. As for me, I am going to join this 21-day marathon of Humility, and I am going to practice this virtue with diligence and joy”.

Didi Santosh compared the virtue of Humility with a seed, “When we plant an apple seed, we know that it will grow into an apple-tree. When we plant a seed of humility in our life, it sprouts giving us a fruit in the form of making us eligible to receive co-operation. The one lacking humility is left alone. The one possessing humility is aware of their value and the value of others, and therefore is able to extend co-operation when needed and receive co-operation when needed to do bigger tasks. No creation or constructive work for the benefit of all is possible without humility”.

Among other VIPs who took part in the event were Prof. Viktor Romanov, President of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, Prof. Boris Ivchenko, Head of the Department of the Baltic State Technical University, Ms. Natalya Evdokimova, Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg under the President of the Russian Federation, Prof. Alexander Shabrov, President of Adaptive and Preventive Medicine Alliance, and staff members of the General Consulate of India in St. Petersburg.

Mr Albert Asadullin, honoured singer of Russia, national singer of Tatarstan, thrilled the audience with his beautiful performance.

28 May is the Day of the Azerbaijan Republic. The dance group “Chinar” charged the atmosphere of the event with joy and energy by performing their colourful Azerbaijani folk dances.

Cultural items by Divine Light group described the depth and beauty of Humility using the language of dance, songs and video images.

BK brothers and sisters from 10 cities of Russia, Belarus and of Russia, Belarus and Georgia joined the celebration which continued for about 3 hours.

On June 1, a 21-day marathon “Humility for Renewal” started on Brahma Kumaris YouTube channel. 21 facets of a beautiful diamond of Humility are introduced, examined and practiced during the marathon. The Grand Finale will take place in Lighthouse on Sunday, June, 25.

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