“How to be Free from Conflicts”- Public Talks by Brahma Kumaris, Costa Rica

“To enter conflict is a sign of lack of power and strength” :  Marcelo Bulk

Costa Rica ( Central America ): BK Marcelo Bulk, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Colombia, visited Costa Rica to close the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in the country.

BK Marcelo gave talks, workshops, and spiritual retreats in Panama, El Salvador, and Costa Rica for a week.

BK Marcelo, an experienced Raja Yoga Meditation professor with more than 35 years of practice, offered talks and workshops in San José, with great public audiences. He spoke about how to be free from conflicts and to live without fear; furthermore, he hosted a spiritual retreat with the subject “Overcome Challenges through inner Power.”

He conducted a class for BKs about “Living without Fear,” and gave a deeper understanding of the pillars needed to achieve the deep inner stage.

In the public talk “How to Be Free from Conflicts,” Marcelo Bulk emphasized that when we are in front a conflict, the most important is to check ourselves, instead of blaming others for what is happening, “to check what is lacking in me, or what I need to develop,” he added.

He suggested not to feed the conflict, but to become quiet, and to reflect on our part in the problem. It is convenient to get away, even for a few days, to see what is really happening. Meditation, in its part, can help to empower, to develop the needed inner strength to generate agreements and to handle the situation.

He emphasized that conflicts have been eroding human society, in such a way that people can’t see each other without experiencing hatred or resentment. “This is a world in which the only way to move on is to forgive, forgive and forgive,” because if we continue with the law of “eye for an eye,” one day the whole world will be blind. It is also recommendable to resize the conflict, which means to see its real size because there are times we provide disproportionate answers in front of what happens; we need to lower the emotional load. For this, using humor is a very useful tool.  “There are always alternatives,” said Bulk.

A Retreat on the topic “Overcoming the Challenges increasing the inner Power” was organized in the beautiful mountains of San Cristobal Norte, a peaceful and silent space. Marcelo Bulk shared about the different strategies that can be used to face the adverse and unexpected situations that life brings. He then emphasized meditation, which allows returning to a safe space where the self experiences calmness and lightness, and therefore would be able to manage situations with greater serenity.

During the retreat, the 8 spiritual powers were deepened, working on them at the capacities of the self to keep balance and strength even in the most complex circumstances. You can find meditations about this in the Application for smartphones: MeditApp.

About the Brahma Kumaris in Costa Rica:

The Brahma Kumaris, a nonprofit organization with more than 8,500 centers in 100 countries around the world, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in Costa Rica. It has a Center in Barrio Escalante, and a classroom in the city of Cartago, where meditations, courses, and workshops are given for inner development.

From a humanistic perspective, spiritual and volunteer work, BK Costa Rica provides service to the community without any restriction of gender, religion nor social class, and therefore all its courses and activities are free of cost.

With a radio program called “Coffee for the Soul,” broadcast on Fridays at 9 am by Radio 870 UCR, different subjects are covered related to peace, love, respect, and solidarity.

The Brahma Kumaris also support UN programs about human rights, the environment, sustainable development, youth, women, health, and education.

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