Call of the Time Dialogue in South Africa and Public Programs in Durban and Johannesburg

Africa : Call of the Time Dialogue was hosted by the South African family for the Africa Region. A total of 46 leaders of influence gathered from 7 different countries at a historical hotel where the first conference of National Unity was held in South Africa in January 1994 during its transition from Apartheid. The setting was perfect in the open wide spaces of the Muldersdrift mountains with the occasional wildlife(zebras, giraffes, wild boars, Kudu and Reeboks) grazing on the lawns close by.

Dialogue participants were from various sectors in society, Business, Law, Human Rights, Academia, Media, Civil Society and Governance. Together with Jayanti Didi, Br Nizar Zuma and Mrs Mbeki the founder of African Women in Dialogue offered their experience, expertise and presence. The theme explored was the notion of spiritual prosperity and the importance of cultivating deeper spiritual practices to sustain those who are on the field of service. From the initial conversation in the dialogue, there was very honest and open sharing which allowed for deeper spiritual insights and perspectives that were shared by both Jayanti Didi and Vedanti Didi. Desert Rose was part of the Retreat and offered sacred music during intervals in our sessions as well as a full concert which added greatly to the richness of the experience. Participants left on Sunday, feeling deeply nurtured, connected and inspired to move forward with strength and lightness.

Apart from the Call of the Time Dialogue, two public programs were hosted with Jayanti Didi as guest speaker in Durban and in Johannesburg. In Durban a program entitled “The Making of a Strong Heart and Happy Mind” was held where 400 people from diverse cultures and backgrounds attended the program whilst 120 joined on zoom and many more on Youtube. There was a panel of mental health experts who shared supporting addresses on the importance of spirituality and faith based organisations for the mental wellbeing of our communities. The other mental health experts were Prof S Ramlall Associate Professor in Psychiatry at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) and President of the College of Psychiatrists at the Colleges of Medicine of SA (CMSA), Fathima Bibi Hussain Director at SANCA Durban Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation Centre, Dr Sibongile Mashaphu is a specialist psychiatrist University of KZN and Despina Forbes is a counselling psychologist, yoga and mindfulness practitioner. The panel and audience were enraptured by Sister Jayanti’s words of wisdom and peace and left feeling so calm and so had began their journey of healing.

 In Johannesburg, Rise through Spiritual Empowerment was the title of the program where Jayanti Didi first shared on the spiritual perspectives we need to cultivate in ourselves so that we can rise above crises. She was thereafter interviewed by well known Associate Editor of the Daily Maverick A, Ferial Haffajee who focused her questions on how to integrate our spiritual wisdom in dealing with some of the key issues people are facing on a day to day basis. Jayanti Didi reminded people that change begins with the self, the importance of cultivating a practice that always reaffirms the inner treasures of the soul and ultimately creating the space and time to connect with the Divine Source. All left uplifted, inspired and deeply motivated to apply these principles in their lives.


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