‘Youth For Global Peace’ Program By Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Hathras held a program called ‘Youth For Global Peace‘ at PC Bagla College. Vineet Jaiswal, Superintendent of Police,  was the Chief Guest of this program.

Vineet Jaiswal, SP, speaking on this occasion said that India is a nation of the Youth. If we work on character building,  reaping benefits of this huge population of youngsters, will become easy. The Brahma Kumaris Organization is working to keep values and morals alive in the society.  Positive use of anything depends upon the character of the individual.  The youth have power and enthusiasm.  The only thing needed is good values.

The program started with the National Anthem.  Vineet Jaiswal, SP, BK Shanta, Major Rajkamal Dixit, Principal,  Chandrashekhar Rawal, Chief Administrative Officer of the college,  Sunanda Mahajan and BK Shweta, participated in the candle lighting ceremony.

Baby Nancy gave a dance performance on a patriotic song. BK Shanta apprised the audience about the Brahma Kumaris Organization and its ‘ Youth for Global Peace ‘ Project.  BK Dinesh presented the theme for the project’s work in the next six months.

Major Rajkamal Dixit, Principal,  said that many programs have been held under the guidance of BK Shanta before.  This work for character building of youth deserves encouragement and appreciation.

Chandrashekhar Rawal, Chief Administrative Officer,  welcomed everyone on this occasion.  BK Gajendra made everyone pledge to live a peaceful life.

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