Worldwide Blessings on the 5th year anniversary of Daily News

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ):

BK Dr. Nirmala, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Australasia & Gyansarovar

Congratulations for completing 5 years of news and keeping all BKs aware of what seva is available for BKs and the public. Thanks for your seva and hope you continue with zeal and enthusiasm.

BK Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Europe and Middle East

Congratulations for the 5th year anniversary! Daily News has been an amazing service, both in Bharat as well as foreign lands. It gives a clear view about all the variety of different programmes happening, and so this is highly inspirational and motivating for many souls. There is much appreciation of the good work being done all these years. All good wishes for the continuing success of God’s service!

BK Sudesh, European Director of Brahma Kumaris, Germany

Daily News is very practical and inspiring and encourages all to read and send the news photographs of various activities . Sitting at home and receiving vision of how different centers are glorifying God’s task through different activities at the centers. Time has come to prove God’s versions. God’s message will reach everyone through newspapers . Now the divine Newspaper from the headquarters brings wonderful service. Congratulations for fulfilling God’s hopes.

BK Sudha, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Moscow, Russia

It’s an honour for me to extend greetings to mark the 5th Anniversary of Brahma Kumaris HQ Official Daily News (BK Daily News). BK Daily News has begun with the aim of enriching people across the world with the news that could enlighten the reader and inspire him to elevated his life. BK Daily News is a unique socio- spiritual media coverage bringing benefit to the people of all walks of life not only in India but the entire world. The content is educative and with live examples and thus useful for all the age groups. My sincere thanks to the author of the project and the editorial group.

BK Meera, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Malaysia

Message of congratulations. Brahma Kumaris Daily news is celebrating its 5th anniversary of serving mankind. On behalf of Malaysia family I would like to congratulate all those who are committed for this project for completing 5 years. Daily news has inspired positive change in the lives of many people. I am sure it will motivate all souls to transform the self and bring world transformation. I wish you all the best for the future.

BK Waddy, Area Co-ordinator, Florida, USA

Heartfelt congratulations on completing 5 years of sharing a daily glimpse of unique services from different corners of the BK world. May your every edition continue to share the beauty of the service news of transformation as well as sharing the fragrance of inspiration with every reader. More blessings and thanks from the community guests in Florida who feel more welcomed and included  by the global BK family on being featured in the BK HQ Daily newsletter.

BK Rajni, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Japan and Philippines

It is my great pleasure to give my good wishes and congratulations to BK daily news of crossing 5 years service to 130 and more countries in the world. It is very enriching news. It gives us inspiration. We feel very happy to read and share with others because it brought a lot of benefit to many people. Thanks for your tireless service to humanity . With lot of good wishes from Brahma Kumaris in Japan and Phillipines.

BK Dr Hansa Raval, Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Texas, USA

Brahma Kumaris Daily News is a source of inspiration for the BK family and friends of Brahma Kumaris around the world.  Worldwide service activity is presented in a very professional, accurate and unbiased way.  Congratulations to BK Daily News for five successful years, and best wishes for many more to come!

Thanks to all readers. May these blessings shower forever !!!

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