World Peace Meditation – Families and the New Technology – Friend or Foe?

Miami, Florida ( USA ): The third Sunday in May marked the observance of the International Day of Families, with the theme “Families and the New Technologies: Friend or Foe”. This conversation between Elahe Mehrel, Shivani Dayal, and Poonam Dayal began with a new look at how we define ‘family’.  “It’s less about how you become a family, and more about commitment,” according to BK Shivani.

The panel addressed the question “Is parenting harder today in the age of screens, than in the past?” The panel agreed that it presents new challenges about how to choose and use technology. Tech is both an “amplifier and polarizer.” They also noted that the digital divide is real; some children are flourishing while others are left behind.

Elahe reminded us that while select TV programs might be good, commercials don’t “care for children’s hearts and souls” like parents do.  Meet the child where s/he is: “it’s the conversation that matters.” Appreciating the opportunity that technology has provided, enabling us to be together without the limitation of geographical distance, the group joined together for World Peace Meditation.

Click here to tune into the recording of this session.

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