World No Tobacco Day campaign by Brahma Kumaris Adyar

Adyar ( Tamil Nadu ): Brahma Kumaris, Adyar, in association with Tamil Nādu Teacher’s University, organised a campaign on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day on May 31 at the Kasturba Nagar railway station, to raise awareness on the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use.

The event was inaugurated by Rajyogini Dr. BK Muthumani, Director-Brahma Kumaris (Adyar). She stated that cigarette smoke is a complex mixture of chemicals and a significant number of them are poisonous and can damage our body tissue cells and many of them can cause cancer.

Mentioning about the ill-effects of consuming tobacco and its products, Dr.Rajeshwari, Curriculum Dean of Tamil Nādu Teacher’s University, urged the youths to stay away from this product and instead focus on career prospects.

About 30 M.Ed. students from the university took part in the campaign by holding various placards detailing the disastrous effect of consuming tobacco products. Some of them wore skeleton dress costumes and presented the final stages of chain smokers.

Volunteers from Brahma Kumaris distributed notices to the train passengers highlighting the message that the smokers can quit smoking permanently by undergoing Rajayoga meditation and assured them that they are available to assist them to get rid of this bad habit.

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