World Intellectual Property Day Program in Karelibaug

Karelibaug, Vadodara ( Gujarat ):  A World Intellectual Property Day program was conducted by the Brahma Kumaris Karelibaug at the Vadodara center.

Dr. Nirav Majumdar (Ph.D., Retail investment behavior), Dr. Jayant, Mr. Kapil, and Dr. Rasila graced the occasion with their valuable presence and thoughts.

On the subject of “Enhancing Intellectual Power and Property,” Dr. Nirav Majumdar asked: Can we create anything new?  It can be done by questioning, by making mistakes, by experimenting, by creating doubt, etc.  If I know anything, then also please try to question and ask: Is it correct? Thus we can develop our intellect.

BK Dr. Anil Badhija also shared his views on how to enhance our intellectual power with the help of Rajayoga meditation. Dr. Jayant shared his experiences on enlightening Intellectual power.

BK Paulomi addressed the occasion with a brief introduction of the Brahma Kumaris.