What Made Brahma Baba so Special?

18th January, Smriti Divas (Day of Remembrance), is one of the most celebrated occasions across all the centers of the Brahma Kumaris in the world. On the same day, in 1969, Brahma Baba left his corporeal body.

Dada Lekhraja was an ordinary and yet an unusual person, a successful self-made businessman, a family man and a pillar of his community. Many of his friends called him Dada (elder brother) as a sign of endearment. After the descent of God into his body, he was given a different name, one befitting his new role, Prajapita Brahma (the Father of Humanity).  He is remembered by the name of Brahma Baba.

Brahma Baba’s uniqueness was not merely in possessing the highest virtues but also in his ability to bring out those same virtues in the souls who came in contact with him. Brahma Baba is a person who proved that it is possible to become perfect; it is possible to master the mind and emotions; it is possible to create a perfect destiny. Smriti Divas is the occasion to remember this perfection he attained and also the unique qualities he had.

What made Brahma Baba so special?

Empower everyone by giving love and respect

He used to give everyone true love and respect. His loving and sweet smile would fill everyone with zeal and enthusiasm. His love for God was contagious, which would empower others to sacrifice lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. His words were very powerful and motivating, yet he ensured that he accepted each and every one with their faults.

Follow every spiritual law and encourage others to follow them

Baba said that there is benefit (fayda) in the laws (kayda). Nature has been observing laws.  When you stop observing them there is chaos. Therefore, never stop observing Godly laws. Also, Baba encouraged everyone not to take the law in their hands. He said that by punishing someone you are taking law in your hands. On the contrary, co-operate and fill the gap that has been created by someone’s weakness.

See everyone’s specialities

Baba saw only specialities in others and appreciated them for it. His appreciation would fill everyone with enthusiasm and happiness. He never saw anyone’s weakness. For example he would appreciate an old and uneducated person by telling him that his life time experience will be very useful in doing service if he uses Godly knowledge with it. Such motivating words would pep up the old person. Whatever speciality anyone had, Baba would use that speciality for service.

Work tirelessly and lead by example

Baba worked for more than 18 hours in a day in spite of the body being very old. He was constantly engaged in Godly service and bringing happiness to others.

Remain happy and light

Baba always remained happy and light. If someone would come to him with a restless mind, seeing his sweet smile they would calm down. No one ever saw Baba worried or sad.

Beyond laziness and carelessness and a conqueror of sleep

A true yogi is the one who is a conqueror of sleep. There was no trace of laziness in Baba’s life. Baba never postponed anything due to laziness. Whatever work came in front of Baba, Baba never did that half-heartedly. He was always very careful and diligent with any task he performed.

Egoless and Humble

Baba was a great example of simplicity. There was greatness behind his simplicity. Any desire for respect or honour was miles away from him. He used to live in a small room that was very old and had a tin roof. The walls were painted in white and there was no decoration. His clothes, footwear, everything was extremely simple.

He always spoke to everyone very gently and used respectful words.

Detached from everyone and the body

Baba would always remain detached from everything around him and also his body, as though he was immune to his surroundings. This helped him remain connected with God always.

Unshakeable like a rock

Baba was unshakeable. Even during extreme adverse situations he remained calm and composed, which gave strength to others around him.

The art of making everyone worthy

Baba had the skill of developing skills in others. He developed writing skills in someone, accounting skills in another, etc. His guidance and motivation inspired children to improve their capability in any skill they had.

Loved everyone equally

Whatever Baba spoke was full of love. He was never partial towards anyone and gave love and respect to all equally.

Connection with God

God was Baba’s companion and he consulted Him at each and every step. This made his tasks unique and flawless.

Taking care of the body

As much as Baba focused on being soul conscious, he always motivated everyone to take care of the body also.

Positive soul conscious feelings for everyone

Out of all the virtues, Baba had one main virtue which always stood out in his personality. Purity always flowed out of him. Baba would always look at the hidden qualities and treasures in everyone. He saw everyone as children of God and never saw anyone as rich or poor, high or low. This made everyone feel at ease with him.

It is time we all follow Father Brahma, imbibe his qualities and aim to become like him.


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