“Traffic Control of Thoughts” – Online Workshop July 18

Germany: “Traffic Control of Thoughts” – An Online Workshop 

July 18th
13 – 15 CEST
(Central Europe time)
or    4:30 PM – 6:30 PM IST 
(India time)

The mind goes through an enormous volume of thoughts each minute. The traffic control of thoughts is important to avoid traffic jams and to prevent loss of important information in our life. It helps smooth flow and improve concentration and focus.

If you want to be DRIVER of your OWN thoughts, join us for this workshop to learn ……

·         Etiology of Thoughts & Traffic of Thoughts

·         Why I Need to Control? Can I …..??

·         Benefits of meditation to practice traffic control

·         Group activities

Register for this event at  www.bkgermany.eventbrite.com

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