‘Think Less, Think Better’ Online Workshop in English on October 30

IT Wing, Pune invites you with family and friends to participate in the online workshop titled *Think Less, Think Better*

We are constantly exposed to a tsunami of information which causes continuous stress on our minds. Learning to think less and think better can help improve quality of life, relationships and experience peace of mind.

Join us to understand the way we can achieve this with the practice of Rajyoga Meditation.

🗓️ *Date:* Sunday, 30th October 2022.
⏰ *Time:* 10 am – 11.30 am IST

*Online Workshop on Think Less, Think Better- English Language*

🗣️ *B.K. Abhay* who is an IT professional and Rajyoga Meditation practitioner for 10 years, will be taking us through this workshop.

📲 *Free online Registration* for the workshop at -👇🏼 https://bkpune.tk/bkitwing

📞 *Queries -* +91 9881248550/ 9881302565


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