‘The Ultimate Spiritual Skillset’ in support of National Mental Health Month

Makati ( Philippines ): It’s time for The Ultimate Spiritual Skillest –  Brahma Kumaris organized four sessions during the Philippine Mental Health Awareness month.

Courage           – To heal from fear
Trust                  – To heal from hopelessness
Compassion – To heal from loneliness
Gratitude       – To heal from sadness

A fascinating session was organised on values: “Faith, plus the determination to come out victorious, are key ingredients in mastering the virtue of courage.”- BK Helen Serrano.

Compassion to Heal from Loneliness”- BK Marlett Gardiola

BK Tina Diaz   said “Within us is a reservoir of incredible power that’s ours for the taking, with a single requirement: gratitude for the freedom to tap into our highest potential for joy.”


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