“The Secrets of Silence” : BK Florida Family Online Retreat

Florida ( USA ): The Florida family retreat took an online format exploring the Secrets of Silence with special guest facilitator BK Denise who joined from Germany. And the bk family had the fortune to be with BK Sister Mohini and Avyakti Parivar in the evenings. The special workshops on the sound of negativity and sessions on dealing with our unique patterns of self-criticism and/or the tendency of correcting and insights into three responses – Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual were explored & facilitated by BK Denise.

The Florida Retreat weekend concluded with a special public program by BK Denise about dealing with uncertainty and how spiritual laws present a bigger picture and new understanding. Marianne (from Miami) and Craig (from Delray) co-facilitated the session available online here.

Here is the link to more sessions from the Retreat.

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