The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at the King Edward II Park at Wembley Central

Wembley ( UK ): Celebrating this unprecedented Platinum Jubilee Anniversary, many public events, street parties, community activities and initiatives were organised throughout the country.

On June 4th Inner Space Wembley participated at the celebration organised at the King Edward II Park in Wembley with a stall offering various activities which served more than 1,000 people.

Virtue wheel – where people could come and spin the wheel and find the virtue for the day
Raja Yoga exhibition essence and easy way to meditate were shared
Face painting – children lined up to get their face painted
Merchandise – books, CD’s, angels etc related to meditation were available for purchase

BK Sister Maureen, Programme Director of the Brahma Kumaris UK, along with five representatives of the Brahma Kumaris from Greece, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States of America shared their appreciation of the qualities of Her Majesty and congratulated her on her achievement.

BK Sister Daxa, Co-ordinator of Inner Space Wembley, invited Sister Maureen to share her thoughts and give a guided meditation. In her message Sister Maureen said: “Peace is who we are and what we want in our lives and in the world. Peace is our gift from God. In that state of peace, we reflect and give thanks to God, and to Her Majesty the Queen, for her royalty, dignity, and stability and for her love, compassion, affection for all of us. Her tolerance, strength is a true inspiration to follow – inspired by her faith, guided by God. Let us send our loving good wishes for her continuing health and happiness.”

Followed by the U.K national anthem the BK’s along with the organizers of the event cut cake and celebrated together.


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