The magic of creating inner change, where true newness begins

Once upon a time there was health, wealth and prosperity upon the land. People walked together with smiles in their eyes and love in their hearts; that was once upon a time, but not so very long ago.

With the New Year at hand, this memory returns, a longing and resolve to nurture a similar newness in one’s life and the world. At the moment, the world is moving in two directions. On one hand it is the age of darkness and gloom. Negativity is increasing and as man’s greed, anger and ego grow, the world’s resources decrease through waste and abuse.

On the other hand it is the age of enlightenment as humanity’s thirst for peace, love, harmony and the positive, is also increasing. Spiritual knowledge lays hidden; now it is being uncovered, revealed and practiced.  

This knowledge is based on the understanding that the most powerful energy in the world is the power of positive, pure thoughts. The power of this truth and purity is such that although the numbers of individuals living such lives are few, a far-reaching positive effect is being experienced by many. Small acts of goodness, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. After all, it is remembered that Goodness wins!

It only takes a moment to step from the age of darkness to the age of light. Practice these few guidelines daily and feel the light of newness grow.

The first thought of the day sets the blueprint for the entire day! And could it be the first thought at the beginning of the New Year sets the blueprint for the entire year! (Pause to think about this.)

Best to start your day and the New Year from the highest point possible by concentrating on positive, energizing thoughts. In silent meditation and reflection, start the day with God in mind.

Stay focused on one beautiful peaceful thought for one minute and the rest of the hour will be taken care of.

Count on yourself as this brings faith in the self, which is so vital for progress. A New Year’s resolution (yes, lose weight), but most important lose the heavy burden of mental weight – too many thoughts, worries and negativity. Over-thinking kills happiness. Be free from wasting the treasure of time and the power of positive thoughts. Wouldn’t it be nice to count on yourself and Speak with patience and be patient with your companions, to renounce gross or subtle carelessness and laziness and to protect yourself from gossiping or criticizing and causing sorrow?

Remember, what you see in others exists in you.

Change this habit of hurry and worry. If we continue to worry and hurry in life, then eventually we become tired and bitter.

The more I identify with the sorrow of others and allow myself to experience sorrow, the less time I have available to be happy and content. Be with others, but stay powered up, so you can uplift and help them put things in perspective. It sounds ridiculously obvious, but am I aware of the value of happiness?

Allow the love that dwells in you the soul to flow out and around you. Without love, all of life’s treasures are locked away from our vision and experiences, for indeed ‘Love is the key.’

Love is being in balance and in harmony with the self, God and each other. In a state of soul consciousness, we absorb love and power from God to become more compassionate and loving.

This new year 2021 discover the magic and method of creating inner change, where true newness begins. True newness begins within the mind; what you think is what you become.

(Sister Chirya has served at the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center in Hunter Mountain, NY. For 35 years she practiced and taught BK Raja Yoga meditation internationally and conducted Living Values Education in over 65 schools while based in the Caribbean for 15 years. Sister Chirya studied Education at Cornell University and brings her experience as an educator to various workshops and classes.) 

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