The Festival of Shivratri – Celebrating Spiritual ‘Soular’ Power Transforming the World

Currently, human beings are in definite need of ‘soular power’ (spiritual solar power! Our spiritual battery has become flat; the pure bright light of souls has faded over time, flickering like a fluorescent tube light which finally dies. Souls never die, but we do lose power when the connection with God, the Master Generator breaks. The consciousness of the soul is forgotten as body consciousness continues to bloom.  Many souls in bodies have come over the centuries to awaken our original power and spirituality, but only one soul,  free from the cycle of birth and rebirth, has this part.  In a famous verse in the Bhagwat Gita scripture God explains, “Whenever there is decay of righteousness, and there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth; for the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers.

As the world becomes dark with growing corruption, sorrow and strife, this special Soul  recharges the diminished power of the soul by re-igniting our inner light!  God, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Allah, Shiva, Bhagwan, the Father of Souls, Creator, Supreme Soul, Lord of the World, Purifier are a few of the many names and titles for God.  Each one is accurate and conveys a special meaning or quality. The name ‘Shiva’ itself describes God’s introduction: Benefactor, Point and the Seed.  God is a tiny point of spiritual eternal light, emitting a seed shaped radiant spiritual light.

As light, God is worshiped in many forms; first as the sun and today in the form of an oval shaped stone called a shivalingam.  Milk, representing Godly knowledge, is poured over the shivalingam and flows out of the temple, symbolic of purification and renewal.  This worship is a physical representation of how the God, the Creator, imparts pure knowledge of Himself, the soul and the drama of life. The annual Festival of Shiv’jayanti’ is a memory of the ‘birth’ arrival of God. Also called Shiv’ratri’, it is celebrated on the darkest longest ‘night’ of the year at midnight, a reminder of how the darkness of ignorance of mankind is removed when Godly knowledge brings the dawn and enlightens the world!  This year the Festival is celebrated on February 28.

Our inner light re-ignited by God’s Light restores our natural state of well-being to live in harmony with mankind and nature once more.   The world is waiting for us. We are the hands on the clock of world transformation. According to  time and to signals from the ONE, let us all empower and transform ourselves, ignite the spiritual light of others and restore the world to its original state of peace and happiness.

A beautiful and inspiring Song for Shivratri: “One God. One Father loving us each the same…..”

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