“Taylor and the Bright Light” Audiobook Released for Children

The children’s book Taylor and the Bright Light by Susan Kauderer has been released as a free audiobook. All 10 chapters are available as separate audio segments on the Australian Virtual Centre website:  https://brahmakumaris.org.au/new/taylor/.

The release on the 1st of March 2022 has been timed to celebrate the time when the Bright Light appears. The audiobook is most suitable for children ages 6 to 8.

About the book from https://www.inspiredstillness.com/product/taylor-and-the-bright-light-childrens-book-6-8yrs-age/

TAYLOR AND THE BRIGHT LIGHT is a delightful children’s story of Taylor, a young boy passing through challenges in life since becoming a brother to two twin baby sisters. After experiencing all sorts of negative emotions, he discovers that by being very quiet a ‘Bright Light’ happens to appear in front of him, making him feel safe, happy and warm again. Through the presence and company of his new friend ‘Bright Light,’ Taylor is transported to magical worlds and amazing sights. He finds out that his bad behavior is not him and he explores his positive qualities. A beautiful book to introduce children to meditation, and a charming story for older children to read alone or for parents to share with younger ones.

About the author Susan Kauderer

Susan Kauderer taught kindergarten and first grade in New York for 26 years and was director of an early childhood center. Her work now involves helping children develop self-esteem and awakening their innate beauty and power.

From the back cover: “Stories are the best way to introduce children to meditation. Here is a charming story for older children to read alone or for parents to share with younger children. As they enjoy the tale, children will learn how to meditate and understand the benefits.”

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