Sustenance Program and Teachers Training in Frankfurt

Frankfurt ( Germany ): BK Sister Sudesh, Regional Co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris in Europe, felt supremely grateful to the entire BK family for their support, understanding, sacrifice, compromising, well-wishing and co-operation in all the ways possible, serving tirelessly in organizing various events.

Group discussions and question-and-answer sessions were part of the program where BK Sudesh and BK Payal from Trinidad shared their experiences.

BK Sudesh shared that the more time we spend on Godly service, the more we receive blessings, and there are no self motives, but there is humility and the consciousness of being an instrument. Time is wisely spent and we feel happy, we feel it as an opportunity to create own fortune, and it’s not an obligation on others. Renunciation is of body consciousness, competition, ego, name and fame, and comparison. Yoga is a process to remove alloy of the soul. Cooperation means cooperating with virtues. Reality of Spirituality is introspection and honesty.

BK Sudesh  entertained all those who were present with a very divine group dance.

Participants shared their experiences of the training, and how they received rich and new experiences of God’s love.

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