Summer camp for Kids by Brahma Kumaris, Adyar

Adyar, Chennai ( Tamil Nadu ): Flying Angels summer camp was conducted for children at Vaikundh Lighthouse for two days.

The first day, camp started with an inaugural function where BK Dr. Muthumani, Director – Brahma Kumaris, Adyar along with few children lighted Kuthuvilakku (an ornamental brass lamp). BK sister gave a blessing note for the success of two days summer camp and also inspiration for the betterment of children well-being.

Dr. G Raghuraman, yoga therapist demonstrated few postures for improving physical well-being and brain exercises for improving memory power.

Vibration Veera, Motivational Speaker, conducted sessions to motivate the young kids. Session on concentration and attention span was conducted where children got more opportunity to learn the tips for their studies, exams, sports etc.  Children played value games and shared the importance of values in life. Importance of affirmation practice, visualization and creative meditation was experienced by the children. Camp was completed with the creative art and craft session and cultural events. 60 children participated.

Second day, the camp  started with talent show where children expressed their talents like dancing, singing, storytelling etc. Ligi Miranda, space science tutor from Space Kidz India organization explained concept on relationship between science and spirituality and demonstrated how we are connected with this whole universe through many activities. Followed by this, relaxation exercise, fun based activities and quiz competition was conducted.

At the end of the camp, BK Muthumani and Ligi Miranda gave counselling
for children and parents for the successful, healthy and happy life.  Followed by this, certificate were provided to all the children who actively participated in the camp. 150 children joined the day 2 camp and shared their experience.

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