Strong and character-oriented youth is the foundation of society

Madhepura ( Bihar ): A grand seminar on youth empowerment ‘Wake up for the world’ was organized at the local Sukh Shanti Bhawan of Madhepura.

The said program was inaugurated by the In-charge of Brahma Kumaris, Rajyogini BK Ranju , Principal of Holy Cross School Bandana, Rashtriya Janata Dal leader cum State General Secretary, Women’s Cell Ragini Rani alias Dolly Didi, Dr. Pramod Kumar Shringi Rishi Sewa Foundation worker Sagar Yadav, social worker Preeti Yadav, Ramkrishna Yadav, Pappu Yadav, former chief Gailadh Vinay Vardhan Khokha Yadav, Brahma Kumari Durga Behen, Sangeeta Behen, Mausam Behen etc. started by lighting the lamp.

Rajyogini  BK Ranju said that today’s youth is tomorrow’s society. Only the strong youth of the present can empower the future society. Describing the definition of a strong youth, she said that one who renounces addiction, intoxication, misogyny, and evils, becomes a strong youth. Such a strong youth is always ready in the service of the country and society. And he is the real asset of the country and society. There is a great need of character and quality youth for the society and the country. Describing two wings, she said that to make impossible things possible, zeal and enthusiasm are necessary in life. She said that in the present time the younger generation is wandering in misogyny, addiction, cinema and decisions. While spiritual knowledge and moral education can give new direction to the younger generation. Culture is affecting. Due to which there is a need to save the young generation. She also taught meditation to everyone. And said that Raja Yoga will increase concentration.

Along with physical education, moral education is also needed.

Rashtriya Janata Dal Netri cum State General Secretary of Women’s Cell Ragini Rani alias Dolly Didi while giving her remarks said that for the development of children, moral education is also necessary along with physical education. Every human being should protect the values ​​of life. One who protects these values ​​becomes immortal.
Ragini Rani said that in the society a person is recognized by two things. First knowledge and second his moral behavior. Both of these are very necessary for the all round development of the individual. If knowledge is the key to success then morality is the ladder to success. One In the absence of others, the downfall of others is certain. It is because of morality that firmness in faith and intensity of understanding comes. He said that moral education develops qualities. Connects children with culture. Makes them aware of their duties. It teaches to accept the moral values ​​of family, society, group and follow social customs, traditions and religions. Teaches to touch the feet of parents and stay away from criminal tendencies.

Vandana, Principal of Holy Cross School, while giving her remarks said that by teaching moral education to children from childhood, they get the knowledge of good and bad, right and wrong. He begins to understand which behavior is social and which behavior is anti-social. Which practices get prestige, admiration and popularity in the society and which do not. She thanked all the members for the efforts being made by the Brahma Kumaris.

Former Chief Ghailadh Vinay Bardhan Khokha Yadav said that it is necessary to inculcate moral teachings in the younger generation to bring about a change in the present society.

On the occasion social worker Ramkrishna Yadav, Pappu Yadav, former chief Vinay Vardhan Khokha Yadav, Bihar Police Sangeeta Yadav, Professor Satish Kumar Singh, Vijay Vardhan, Sanjay Vardhan Preeti Kumari, Sagar Yadav, Brahma Kumari Durga sister, Mausam sister etc. Hundreds of youth were present and took advantage of the program.

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