“Stress Management Training” for BEST Engineers by Brahma Kumaris

Mumbai ( Maharashtra ): The “Stress Management Training” session for the Engineers of Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport (BEST) Undertaking was successfully conducted at the Brahma Kumaris Center Yog Bhawan in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. The session was attended by 21 Engineers of BEST Undertaking, along with their Chief Engineer, Mr. Suresh Makhwana. The session started with a brief introduction about the Brahma Kumaris and the various Godly services offered by the organization at large.

Mr. Rajiv Pisharoti, an experienced and certified Trainer for Leadership and Behavioral Essentials, conducted an interactive session on “Understanding stress and ways to overcome the same”. The key takeaway from this very interactive session was: an individual is responsible for the thoughts one creates; our reaction to any situation is our interpretation of that situation and it is totally our ‘Choice’ on how we want to react to any situation. Through individual interaction, the audience members were made aware of the varied reactions (positive as well as negative) to a common situation that was shared with them.

The second session was conducted by Brahma Kumari Dr. Kirtimala Jaiswal, a Homeopath by qualification who has been practicing Rajayoga meditation for the last 20+ years.  She conducted the “Relaxation” Meditation session through guided commentary and with audio–visual aids. In this session, the participants were introduced to the Soul and Body concept. Being soul conscious (self) and seeing others as souls is instrumental for a peaceful and stress-free life.

The last session was again an interactive session, facilitated by Rajayogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj, Writer, Spiritual Educator and Columnist. BK Nikunj encouraged the participants to experiment and implement “Soul Engineering”. As the Engineers in BEST analyze and correct the faults in the cable lines to restore electricity, likewise, they can also reflect over and correct their inner faults (i.e negative / waste thoughts) to restore peace and harmony in life.  He also cheered on the participants to use the very simple yet effective “SMILE” therapy to improve inter-personal relationships, thereby controlling stress situations.