“Shakti: Harnessing the Power of Self” : A women’s empowerment event

Cinnaminson, New Jersey ( USA ): An interactive workshop organized by the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center, Cinnaminson, was facilitated by two of the Brahma Kumaris representatives at the United Nations, BK Julia Grindon-Welch and BK Sabita Geer.

The theme for the workshop, “Shakti: harnessing the power of self” was held online. The participants were invited into a reflective process where they are asked to capture their feelings as the images of their daily lives were flashed before them. This was followed by an informative conversation on ‘shakti consciousness’ and how when we align with this, we bring about inner shifts that impact the way we look at our lives. This was supported by an experiential exercise, offering more clarity and strength to the awareness of  being ‘shakti’ while living out our lives.

A healthy question and answer session proceeded this, and the event closed with the reading from one of Dadi Janki’s writings. Here is a short excerpt: “Never let yourself be influenced by what others are thinking. Just turn inwards, emerge the wisdom that’s within, and then do something with it.”


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