‘Self Reliant Farmer’ Campaign Inaugurated By Brahma Kumaris Ranchi

Ranchi( Jharkhand ): The Brahma Kumaris of Choudhary Bagan, Hurmu Road, Ranchi, in collaboration with Rural Development Wing of RERF,  inaugurated the Self Reliant Farmer Campaign.  The program started with a candle lighting ceremony.

Dr. Arun Kumar Tiwari, Chief Scientist of Horticulture Department,  Birsa Agriculture University,  said that during the Golden Age on earth, the environment was pure and people had no disease.  Men were divine in nature and called Gods and Goddesses. Because of mutual brotherhood and harmony,  Bharat was a very prosperous place.

Dr. B. K. Jha, Chief Scientist at Education Proliferation Department of Birsa Agriculture University,  said that according to the cycle of time, as the dark age approached, body consciousness became the norm. Elements of nature became polluted and the greed to grow more food became prevalent.  Chemical fertilizers and pesticides took away the soil purity and left it barren.

Subhash Chandra Garg, General Manager NABARD, said that we must take care not to deplete the natural resources in our quest for survival.  Following organic farming,  we need to restore balance in the elements of nature.

Shailendra Kumar, Assistant Director,  Agriculture Department,  said that prosperous farming production is vital for health. We need to understand and propagate Organic Yogic Farming method being popularized by the Brahma Kumaris.

Krishna Prasad, Scientist at Birsa Agriculture University,  said that use of chemical fertilizers took away the fertility of the soil. Use of pure thoughts through Organic Yogic Farming is an effective way to rectify this. Pure food leads to pure thoughts and disease free body.

Dr. Hariharan, Retired Head, Krishi Vyavasay Prabandhan, said that Rajyoga empowers the mind and body.

BK Nirmala, said that to practice Organic Yogic Farming,  we need to give powerful vibrations to the five elements,  planets and stars. It is with their cooperation that pure food is grown.

Dance performances on the theme of ‘Self Reliant Farmer’ were presented.  Agriculture officers and farmers from different areas participated in this program.

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