Self Empowerment to Nation Empowerment : Campaign for Security personnel

Chennai ( Tamil Nadu ): Brahma Kumaris Tamil Nadu and the Security services wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation organized a Car Rally with the aim of helping the security forces (soldiers) to always be calm and happy without suffering from various stress problems and to complete their mission effectively and refreshed.

The car rally flag was waved by Captain Vineeth Bhadra, Chief Executive Officer, Tamil Nadu Pondicherry Navy; Mr. Saurav Kumar, Southern Railway Security Force Deputy Commissioner; Mr. Nagarajan, Assistant Commander, Central Industrial Security Force; and Southern Region Commander Shiv Singh, Indian Navy, Delhi.

BK Beena, Zonal Service Coordinator, said that when the security forces become self-sufficient, it will energize this country.

BK Sister Muthumani gave a Raja Yoga Meditation training on the power of  mind, to remember the Lord who can give encouragement, joy, and happiness.

Central South Zone Occupational Security Force Assistant Commander Nagarajan while speaking said that meditation training helps the security forces working amidst various pressures to attain peace.

Delhi Naval Commander BK Shiv Singh explained the functions of the Security Service Wing hosted by BK Jayalakshmi. He thanked the people including the soldiers of the Central Occupational Security Force.



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