Scientists, Engineers & Architects Wing Conference from August 12-16, 2022

Scientists, Engineers & Architects Wing Conference from 12h to 16th August, 2022 at Manmohinivan Complex 🏠

A Scientists, Engineers & Architects Wing (SEA Wing) conference is being organized on Coping with Uncertainties from Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th August, 2022, at Manmohinivan Complex (Shantivan), Taleti, Abu Road (Rajasthan).

👉 Limited seats are available, please send only high category Engineers as Executive Engineer and above, Senior Scientists, Technocrats, Principals & Head of the Departments of Engineering Colleges, Scientists – E & above, Sr. officers of Scientific Organizations, Sr. Architects, etc.
📲 Online Registration of this Conference through Accommodation Website: (Registration through Brahma Kumaris Centres only).
🗒️ Note: 1) Speaker-quality VIPs are required to send their Bio‐Data to [email protected] and also register Online. (In Notes Field: Please mention short details).

2) Please fill in the online form completely, including proper Qualification, Designation, Organization / Department, Mobile Number, Email address and In the Notes field VIP Details, etc.

3) BK & SEA Wing Members need not come. Only those who are accompanying the guests may come.

4) Family Members and Children are not allowed in this conference.

5) Please update travelling details after Ticket Booking.

6) If Participants cancel at a later stage, please delete in accommodation Website.

🔖 BK Mohan Singhal, Chairperson, Scientists, Engineers & Architects Wing (SEA Wing), Mount Abu.
Mobile: 637 608 8655 and 941 415 4812
Email: [email protected] 🙏

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