“Russia – India: Connecting Threads” – A Festive concert on “Love and Strength”

“Russia – India:  Connecting Threads” : Series of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of India’s independence

Love and Power

Brahma Kumaris, Moscow began cycle of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Independence of India, entitled “Russia – India: Connecting Threads”.

The first program in the cycle was a festive concert “Love and Strength” coinciding with the International Women’s Day.

Love and spiritual power are two qualities that are given to a woman by nature. It is these qualities that determine the special task of a woman – to maintain and protect peace on earth. The program talked about the role of women in the transformation of the world. By making their thoughts pure and elevated due to the connection with the Supreme, women are able to become mothers for the whole world and elevate humanity.

The memory of this great mission of women is alive in all cultures, including Slavic and Indian. In Russia, beregini-goddesses were worshipped, in India – shakti. Images of goddesses remind of the divinity of man, and the present events in the world enable us to realize that it is time to return to the original nature – for the sake of the future on earth.

The concert was held in a solemn and elevated atmosphere. There were words of congratulations, author’s songs in Russian and Hindi, music, poems by modern poets. A short film gave an introduction about Dadi Janki, one of the wisest women in the world, who dedicated her whole life to spiritual service. At the end, a meditation for peace was held. May the love of God and our pure feelings from the very heart become a support for many souls in these difficult times.

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