“Russia-India: binding threads” Special Event in Murom, Russia

Murom ( Russia ) : On the bank of the Oka River stands the ancient Russian city of Murom, the name of which contains two words in Hindi that have a deep meaning. One of them is the sacred word “Om”, which means “I am”, and the other is “Murli”, which is translated from Hindi as “flute”. Surprisingly, the names of many rivers in Russia have Indian roots: for example, the Moksha River, the Pra River… And the word “Oka” in Sanskrit means “the union of heavenly bodies.”

 All the participants of the program in Murom, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of India’s independence and the establishment of diplomatic relations with Russia, had a feeling that “the stars came together”, namely, there was a meeting of living conscious stars. And the light of each soul-star shone brighter thanks to the rays of ancient spiritual wisdom, the need for which is felt more and more in today’s difficult time.

The Russian folk dance “Kalinka”, accompanied by the flute part, filled the atmosphere with joy and inspiration. It was told about the similarity of many traditions and cultural customs of the two countries, the kinship of languages was shown. For example, the names of traditional women’s clothing SARI and SARAFAN have a common root “SAR”, which means “whole”.

Mrs. Olga Smirnova, artistic director of the music and poetry lounge “Lyra” of the Center for Spiritual Development, revealed the depth and strength of the principle of non-violence in the worldview of Indians who defended their right to independence without weapons thanks to the wisdom and strength of the spirit of the national leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Elena Titova and Larisa Gridina performed songs in Russian and Hindi: “The Ancient country of the East”, “Tu Pyar ka Sagar he” (You are the Ocean of Love), “Sada khush raho” (Be always happy).

True happiness is when the soul is free from negative influences, when there is inner harmony and the struggle in the soul ends. But how to protect the soul from evil, contradictions and negative thoughts that may arise without our conscious will as a result of external provocations? This was explained in the second part of the program – at the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, an ancient Indian holiday. Mrs. Natalia Volkova, the coordinator of programs, revealed the true meaning of tying a rakhi – thread-amulet. 

Each participant of the program had a colorful rakhi thread tied on his wrist as a symbol of protection. Everyone received a sweet treat and a card with good wishes. Feelings of love, bright joy and gratitude filled the atmosphere of the old building, known in Murom as the House of Folk Art, which regularly hosts interesting and significant events for residents of the city. 


Mrs. Antonina Kazakova, head of the Center of Spiritual Development in Murom, sincerely thanked everyone for participating in the program: a group of listeners from Moscow, residents of Murom, craftsmen participating in the handmade products fair, as well as the management of the Directorate of mass and festive events in the person of Mrs. Victoria Kostakova, the artistic director of the organization.

 Every soul has an eternal connection with the One Who is always filled with Love and Strength and can support the soul at any moment – no matter what happens. The connection with the Highest Source is the most reliable protection against any evil and negative influence. If we remember Him, it gives us the courage to keep our inner light, love and strength even in the midst of an atmosphere of hostility and misunderstanding.

 When the inner light is lit, we do not fear the outer darkness. Let’s remember this and take care of the light in the soul. 


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