“Role of Women in World Transformation with Divine Power” : Women’s Day Event By Brahma Kumaris

Sodala, Jaipur ( Rajasthan ): On the occasion of “Women’s Day,” a program was organized by the Brahma Kumaris Centre, Sodala. The theme of the program was the “Role of Women in World Transformation with Divine Power“. The chief guests of the program were Ms. Madhuri Sharma, Dr. Shashi Sharma, Ms. Rekha Rathore, and Dr. Sushila Saini.
The program started with the welcome of the Chief Guests. Kumari Sakshi and Kumari Bhagya performed a wonderful welcome dance. Then the program proceeded by lighting the inaugural candle in which 100 women participated.
Senior Rajayoga Teacher BK Sneh presented her views on women power. She said that women always play an important role to make their family happy. Women happily surpass all circumstances regardless of themselves and spend all time in service of others. She added that women should spend some time in remembrance of God so that they receive more power to handle situations.
Rekha Rathore (Jaipur District Secretary and Councillor) said that divine power makes her confident to solve the problems of herself and others.
Madhuri Sharma (Human Right Security organization, District President Jaipur) said that women should spend some time to change Herself. Because the world will be changed by self transformation.
Dr. Shashi Sharma (MBBS, MS, OBST and Gyena) and Dr. Sushila saini  (MBBS, MS, OBST and Gyena) suggested women should take care of their health. Because a healthy person can change the world.
At the end, BK Sneh gave Godly gifts to all Chief Guests. The program ended with a sense of happiness.

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