Rally on De-Addiction by Brahma Kumaris

Kadma (Haryana) : The Brahma Kumaris and the District Social Welfare Department jointly organised a Rally for a De-addiction Campaign. It was inaugurated by Mr. Sunil Yadav, Chief Judicial Magistrate, and Secretary, District Legal Service Authority.

Before waving the green flag for the rally, he said, “Addiction leaves the person hollow from within. He becomes mentally very weak which shows its influence in the society. It has been a matter of serious concern at present. To get rid of this, Human Values and Spirituality is very much needed.” He said that this rally will bring awareness among the people to unite them for social progress. He said that Spirituality has solutions for all situations and meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris has the power to liberate society from all addictions. He expressed his gratitude and thanked BK sisters deeply for their selfless services.
BK Urmila, Editor of Gyanamrit, published from Mount Abu every month, said, “The present generation of youth is becoming badly affected by the habits of smoking and drinking liquor. It is to be noted seriously because this is shaking the very foundation of Moral and Culture in society.” Through a Power Point presentation, she explained the harms caused by these products and said that it develops cruelty in the Mind that leads to total destruction. She said that these items are sweet poisons — although giving a boost for a short time — but that at the end they destroy physical and mental energies. They enter as a friend, later turn out as our enemy, and then kill us. No Religion or Society ever permitted these materials in Human Life. We think we are enjoying but in truth we are being consumed by them.
Dr. Lekhram from Global Hospital and Research Centre, Mount Abu, highlighted in detail about the physical harms caused by these addictions and said that, although they give joy that is short-lived, they give pain to a great extent. Therefore he suggested to practice meditation along with exercises regularly to get rid of their bad habits.
BK Vasudha, Jhunjhukalan Centre in-Charge, guided a practice of Rajayoga meditation with all the participants. She said that by regular practice of Rajayoga and Spirituality one can properly utilise his physical and mental energies for the all-round progress of society. She said that Rajayoga meditation is like the non-failing arrow of Lord Sri Ram. It renders the Mind peaceful and our Thoughts positive. One who becomes disturbed mentally will only take to addictions for alluring Peace of Mind.
On this occasion Mr. Yashvir Singh, Principal of the University said, “The Campaign started by the Brahma Kumaris will bring new awakening towards addiction in the society. In this connection the students of Janata University enacted a playlet on intoxications to enlighten the people that it is a bad thing to become addicted.
Mr. Krishna Kumar, District Social Welfare Officer, and Mr. Ashwani Mishra, Secretary of the District Red Cross Society, gave the details of this Campaign.
Personal Secretary to the Governor of Haryana, Mr. Vijay Dahia; District Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Ajay Tomar; and Mr. D R Sharma, Chief Secretary of the Indian Red Cross Society of State, were also present to grace the function as Special Guests along with Dr. Sunita, in-Charge of District Patanjali, Kasani; Mahipal Arya, Professor Kamalnayan, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Mr. Niraj Garg, former District Education Officer; Mr. Bhim Singh Bharadwaj, Prof: Pushpendra Singh and hundreds of brothers and sisters of the area.
BK Pooja inspired everyone and made them take an oath that they would quit all their bad habits to live a better life in the future.  The entire program was taken care of and directed by Youth Red Cross Counsellor, Professor Hemalata, and Teacher Mr. Rajiv Arora while the Youth Red Cross Counsellor, Professor Roshanlal gave the Vote of Thanks to participants.

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