Pledge for Addiction-Free Sangareddy in De-Addiction Awareness program

Sanga Reddy ( Telangana ): A De-addiction Awareness Session was held by Brahma Kumaris Sangareddy at the MNR Auditorium.

About 870 students from different sectors of the Medical field, including MBBS, Homeopathy, Nurses, Staff, Professors, and MNR Academic officers, attended the program enthusiastically and have taken the pledge of making Sangareddy addiction-free Sangareddy.

BK Sumangala, In-charge Sangareddy; BK Sunanda, In-charge Bidar, Chief Speaker; and Dr. Sachin Parab, Motivational speaker, were at the event.

BK Dr. Sachin Parab said, Addiction begins from peer pressure or any external source, and impacts one emotionally, physically and mentally as well. So in order to create Awareness, one needs to bring a change internally by creating positive vibrations.

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