Peace in the Park Event by BK Silicon Valley

Milpitas ( USA ): Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley conducted a distinctive outreach program at Rancho San Antonio Park (the most popular park in the Bay Area, with 165 acres), which focused on giving an experience of peace through a guided meditation in a tent in the midst of nature.

At multiple parking lots, the floating crowd of hundreds was briefed about Rajyoga Meditation, the ongoing events, and were encouraged to take part in the Golden Drops initiative. Many people benefited from the meditation experience in groups of one or more.

BKs with Sister BK Kusum, Director BK Milpitas, USA

BK Meditation Tent in the Park

Parkgoers getting Meditation Experience and Introduction of Rajyoga Meditation

Parkgoers participating in fun-filled activities with BK’s

Inviting Parkgoers to give introduction of Rajayoga


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