Only God Shiva brings light and dispels darkness in this vicious world

Ranchi ( Jharkhand ): The correct knowledge of correct karma is provided by supreme soul God Shiva. “It is God Shiva who brings light by removing ignorance of vicious world”, said Dipak Srivastava, Director, IIM Ranchi.

The program began with lighting the candles and then flag was also hoisted. During the program, Additional Chief Secretary of Higher Education Department Rahul Purwar (IAS) said that Shiva Shaktis are praised since they are getting nectar of true knowledge from God Shiva and they are delivering the same knowledge amongst us for a better and peaceful world. Today we need to understand and imbibe this. Along with study of this physical world, we need give correct position to spiritual study as well.

In the program Swami Bhaveshanand, Secretary of Rama Krishan Mission
said that, along with moral values in society we need to have mindfulness. Mindfulness is achieved by connecting with God which flourishes divine qualities. It generates wisdom and brings us closer to Supreme Soul Shiva and thus execution of good karma happens.

During the program Joint Secretary of Art Department, Dharmendra Dixit said, that the purpose of Spirituality is for welfare of soul and the word ‘Shiva’ signifies the meaning welfare only. Today human beings are taking the poison of vices in the form of lust and anger, which is creating grief and unrest. The transformation from body consciousness to soul consciousness is the purpose of revolution started by Lord Shiva and this is the only solution to all problems of humankind.

Convenor of Sai Committee cum MD of Ranchi Cement Sunil Shrivastava said that the Destructor of obstacles Mahakaleshwar accepted poison for the welfare of humankind. In the program Devashis Chakravarti, Dy. Director of Jharkhand Aids Society said that the  purification of disabilities of human mind can only be done by Rajyoga.

In the above program, BK Nirmala  said that the symbol of shiva in the form of Shivling is widely accepted by all religious practitioners. Shiva is Yogeshwar and Shankar is Yogmurti. Today, it is great night of Kaliyug, and at this time of awakening of souls through knowledge is real Awakening. This awakening will only bring real social revolution and this kaliyug will be transformed into deity Satyug. This is the time for incarnation of savior of this world and welfare of humankind. This is the actual time for the  incarnation of light of knowledge, Lord Shiva. The transformation of this world will be a combined effect of negative karma of human being and the natural disaster.

When the time for returning all souls arrive, only then the resident of the far away world Supreme Soul Shiva comes to transform this world. The painful calling of all souls bound him to incarnate in this world.

Dr. Priti, Ratan Kumar Gupta(Ex-IAS), Binod Narayan (Prof. Sociology Deptt.) and others guest participated in the program.

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