On National Doctors’ Day, let’s salute our ‘lifesavers’, our ‘superheroes’

Doctors are saviours of life, the greatest heroes of all time. Their contribution and commitment to the welfare of humanity is unparalleled. They risked their lives in serving us, for having worked 24/7 to safeguard our families. In the midst of a global health pandemic, doctors and the entire medical fraternity have worked selflessly to not only treat patients but help raise awareness to keep people safe. Time and again, they put themselves and their families in the backseat and have worked relentlessly to serve in the battle against Covid-19.

National doctors day is celebrated on 1st July every year in India. When there is a pandemic situation, doctors always come first to fight against it for the general public. We have still not fully come out of covid-19. In addition there are many pandemic situations like plague, flu, AIDS, Ebola, etc., where doctors were the front liners for public safety and their health.

The theme of this year’s doctors day is “Family Doctor on the Frontline.”

Heroes of the country are not always those who fight at the border but those who dedicatedly work for saving lives and improving life expectancy, while putting their lives at risk, we call them doctors. Their contribution towards human health is beyond explanation.

History of National Doctors’ Day

National Doctor’s day in India was first observed on 1st July, 1991, in honour of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, to pay tribute to his contributions in the health domain. July 1st happens to be his birth and death anniversary that coincides on the same date.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was a renowned physician, an educationist, a freedom fighter, a social worker, and a politician. He also served West Bengal for 14 years as Chief Minister, from 1948-1962. He was awarded with the highest Indian civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in 1961.

He contributed his entire life for the people, treated many, and inspired millions. He was also the personal physician of Mahatma Gandhi.

Importance of Family Doctors

Doctors play an important role in society. They dedicate their life for the well-being of patients, help in quicker recovery from disease, and improve the quality of our lives. But the family doctor is all the more important. He is like a trusted member of the family. His advice is respected and followed by all. From a small to a larger health issue, his advice is always sought. On his reference, a patient is taken for specialized treatment. The culture of having a family doctor saves the family from undue anxiety and stress and provide a righteous line of treatment to the patient without wasting time.

Significance of National Doctors’ Day

National Doctors’ Day is celebrated in India to appreciate and recognize the importance of the doctors’ roles in society. The Medical Wing (Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation) of Brahma Kumaris is conducting a felicitation ceremony for doctors in this Amrit Mahotsav year to recognize their contribution during covid-19. These felicitation ceremonies are conducted throughout the country by local centres of Brahma Kumaris.

We all should conduct felicitation ceremonies for doctors at your respective place on this day and appreciate their efforts. They risked their lives without caring for their families, saved millions of lives during the Covid-19 pandemic and fought as corona warriors, and still continue their fight against this pandemic.

To show gratitude to the doctors, we should associate the Doctor’s Day program with the honor ceremony of doctors being celebrated in Amrit Mahotsav. If possible, celebrate this program at your service center or in the auditorium of a hospital.

If you are conducting felicitation program for doctors, you can contact the Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris for certificates and Medals that have been prepared for honoring doctors.

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