Nine-Day Self Awareness Campaign Concludes in Tripura

Agartala ( Tripura ): The nine-day self-awareness campaign on the occasion of Shivratri came to an end on March 16. The Shivratri festival was celebrated in BK centers of Tripura with great enthusiasm and new new ideas. The 42-foot Shivling was a special attraction in Agartala. Moreover, the display of Chaitanya Devdevi in ​​Teliamura has received a wide response. There were various tableau displays in different branches. In the display of Shivling and Chaitanya Shankara, the difference between Shiva and Shankar was made clear to the public.

Prominent people of the society were invited in almost all the centers and were informed about the descent of Shiva. Among the prominent dignitaries invited were the Editor of Syndan newspaper, the Vice Chancellor of Tripura University, the Chief Minister’s wife and others. Everyone expressed their joy and gratitude for coming to the Brahma Kumaris center during the Shivaratri episode.

BK Kabita, the chief host of BK Tripura and BK Bangladesh, informed everyone about Shiva Sandesh.

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